DMD's 'Scrolltext'


  • This is another one of those mind-blowing levels. Great video!

  • Great. The story behind it: I had the scrolltext effect concept when I started building levels. It was incomplete, because it was too laborous. Then I stopped RWK for a year or so. When I came back it had all sorts of new features (one-way doors, lava bombs...). So I decided to build a level with all new features, and to finish the scrolltext.
  • Very cool. I'm hoping the new RWK will maybe have some PC interface for making levels, or just some features that make big ideas like this a little easier to do.
  • I'm under the impression that Raptisoft will port the whole game to PC so we'll be able to make levels as well as actually play RwK on PC.
  • No, that's not correct. From what I understand, it's like this.

    All of John's games are first made for Windows. As such, even the mobile-only titles have PC versions. Since they were never meant to be released, they still run in a resolution that's tiny by PC standards and don't work correctly on some systems.

    However, the PC build of RWK's old 32-bit version will soon become available. This is because it's impossible for a 64-bit application to read RWK's original level format. As such, the only way to bring old custom levels over to the game's upcoming 64-bit version will be to examine them in the 32-bit version, then rebuild them in the 64-bit one.
  • According to John, they changed integers from a default of 32 bit to 64 bit. John tried to change the type from int to short, but, it still didn't work (possibly because of a thing called structure alignment - because you can have "gaps" between variables in code - these gaps would probably change in alignment when going from 32 bits to 64 bits).

    I think I used to know of a windows version of RWK. It was a tiny window - but it had no editor.

    DMD - great level for the scrolling. We still don't know what the options will be for older levels. It's a big undertaking to convert to 64bit, let alone port the levels.

    It's so great to see the RWK regulars here and commenting.
  • >I think I used to know of a windows version of RWK. It was a tiny window - but it had no editor.

    Are you by any chance referring to the Flash game that the Raptisoft version is a remake of? I'd link you to it, but it seems Hamumu Games had to temporarily shut down their site after it got hacked.
  • Probably. I remember running it under Windows. It was a lifetime ago, or there abouts :)
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