I think that it would be cool if the high scores of the players finish automatically in an online table with the ranking: one for the level reached, one for the points reached and one for the wave reached.
I also know that will be necessary an internet connection, but i think it would be more motivational ;)


  • Neat idea. Don’t forget gold aquired as well, would be neat to compair!
  • On IOS, it throws scores into GameCenter.  On Android, any time I try to connect to the Google Game Services, the game crashes on startup!  And Google won't help me.  So one day maybe, when I have time to figure that out.
  • okk so i hope in the future ahah 
    Mr Rapti do you know yet the approximately date of the Christmas update?
  • patience is a virtue, aaaand due to the space time continuum breaking everytime one date gets uttered fields of cowpatties go hitting the fan and well nothing pleasant comes from it, at least thats what rapti has stated (not the cowpatty part tho lol)
  • no dates don’t ever ask rapti for dates cause if he gives one time will shift and it will be set back
  • In case you don't know, i believe the term most often used for that around here is "universal realignment."
  • That's the one lol
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