Hoggy 2 Update

I'm still not finding the Ultra Script. I was hoping someone might point me in the right directions.
Rasta, you mentioned that it is invisible, but on the right of the script list? The script list when making a new trigger?
I can't seem to find or select anything no matter where I touch around the scripts or trigger options.


  • So I see from some comments ingame that even if one is over level 20 (I'm at 23) you have to level up to get the ultra script. I just leveled up a couple of days before the update. I will have to get almost 500 karma to use ultra script. That's pretty disappointing. It will take months.
    Is there any workaround for this? Could something be done like demoting me one level but keeping my karma so I can level up again to 23?
  • When I said "it's invisible", I mean, in the script, you will not see a "ULTRA SCRIPT" button. You will see some new script buttons. Like "checkpoint", "swap zoned block", "move all at".. Or, 3 new special effects: Iris, Got a key, and whiteOut.
  • Hey-- so what the story is here is, the game only recomputes what features you should have when you level up.  I've gone through and manually given everyone over level 19 the feature.  Next time you sign into Makermall, you should be good.
  • Thank you! Very exciting. I can't wait to try out the new stuff.
    Great update guys. :)
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