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Okay, well, I've been trying to work but one Christmas thing after another keeps interrupting.  So I've had to accept that I'm not going to get anything out before Christmas, though I am still intending something before New Years.  Experiment: If I don't say what it is, will the universe not re-adjust?  Do I have to give both the project name AND a date to force alignment?  The experiment commences.

However, since yesterday was filled with various chores and errands, I knew I wasn't going to have a whole lot of time to work, so what I did was finally put the finish on Mahjong Blitz for iOS11 and Android, so that's submitted and should be coming out ASAP (Android today, iOS as soon as Apple does the approval). 

It's free, and a decent time waster if you just need to kill 3-10 minutes somewhere and like Mahjong.  I might attempt the same thing with Four Letter Words, but that's less likely to succeed since Apple's cut off is the 23rd.


  • That's okay. I'm always interested in checking out some of your more obscure games.
  • wierd i cannot find mahjong blitz on the play store does it usually take long to get listed?
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    SomeRandom: This one doesn't have very much character, I'm afraid.  But it was a very good codebase to do the very first port, to get everything together.  Then I just never did the final hour of work it would have taken to get it to publishing state.  But yesterday I did!

    War2K: the very first submit usually takes a while, yeah (updates are faster).  My google status page claims it is live, so it should appear, I guess, sometime today?  It also doesn't appear for me.  Apple's is still waiting for review, I think they are getting slammed by people trying to hit the Dec 23 deadline.

    Here's the google play store page link, directly:

  • I still can't find Mahjong Blitz on the Google Play Store?
  • Just talked to Google-- initial app publication gets a 24-hour review, and then can take 24 hours to actually roll out.  So that's why.

    I did not know that!
  • Update: Still can't search for it but the link works :D
  • Played the game for a bit. As expected, it's a fairly ordinary mahjong game. Was still worth playing though. When I become a fan of a developer, I like to give every one of their games a try, even the less remarkable ones.

    Noticed a few bugs, though. For starters, the back button quits the game. I recall hearing Solomon's Keep initially did this as well until you fixed it. Guess you forgot to carry that over to this game.

    Also, there's no way to get back to the title screen without resetting. I suppose there was probably no real need to do so in the 32-bit version, but things are different now that this is where the button for disabling ads is located.

    Finally, I get the impression something's wrong with the way highscores are displayed on the stage select screen. At first, they had two stars with numbers representing the score and the number of matches. But after resetting the game, they got replaced with a white rectangle showing the score alone. And when I clear a stage again, the stars reappear, but partially cover the other highscore display.
  • Are you giving us RWK for Christmas?
  • Just remembered something I wanted to ask. I hear Mahjong Blitz used to have a demo version that got delisted long ago. Did it have any content not found in the full version? If yes, do you still have it?
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    No, it didn't have any extra content... I originally put out MBlitz as 99 cents, and finally made it free and added a bunch of extra layouts available as an in-app purchase.  So the current version that will go live has everything there ever was.

    Thanks, @SomeRandomHEFan, I'll look into the glitches.
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    Another question. The game's page on the Play Store claims it has 54 challenges. Does this refer to the different layouts you can choose in the menu? Because I only have 18 of those.
  • It refers to there being three different layouts for each level (if you clear all the tiles, you get challenge 2, clear all those, you get challenge 3)
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    Ok that mahjong games pretty fun and evil, your description that it's a time waster is very much accurate! Got so caught up in trying to clear 2 (consecutive) sets I almost missed my bus this morning lol I thought I still had 30 mins to spare before having to get to the bus stop lol
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    After playing mahjong for a while now I was wondering would you consider making another tile game? Like say dominos? I think that would do well, can make it so you can play with either up to double 6 or double 9's. There's even that domino game called train you could play as well. You could custom the back of the dominos with your logo or even characters from your other games. What do you think?
  • Let him finish what he's doing before suggesting new projects, he's only one man...
  • There's no harm in making suggestions
  • I've warmed up a bit to Mahjong Blitz. It's more fun when you aim to beat three consecutive sets.

    Noticed another bug, though. When aborting a run through the pause menu, then quickly starting another one before the music has finished fading out, no music will play.
  • I'm close to getting fast enough to clear 3 sets
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