Status 1/9/18

Well... sorry about my absence.  We've had essentially a winter hurricane where I live, and it's out in the country, so once the internet and electricity go down, they prioritize other people.

I am back on now... here's the news:

Item #1: While I was offline I built a local server here so I could finish Robot Wants Kitty.  It's done. Rastapopoulon gets to test it today, and then I open it to betas, and then it'll be released.  I will provide info on recovering old levels for players who wish to re-upload them.  And there's even a couple new layout blocks worked into it as well.

Item #2: So my schedule/timing is completely shot.  I plan to get the Boneyard Farming Update out in January, then proceed on Chuzzle 2, and then Solomon's Keep.  And see, this all came just from telling one single person I was going to have Robot Wants Kitty done on Friday, about four weeks ago.  I hope all of you are reasonably the same people in this new universe that has replaced the previous one.

And that's it!  I'll catch up on forum posts later today, and RwK betas, you will be getting the call very soon!


  • Hooooorayyyyyy
  • iOS beta or just android?
  • edited January 9
    you should know by now....loose lips sink ships.......and your the captain of the ship!! lol

    it is good to know all is well with yourself.
  • Only Android... Apple has made it very very VERY difficult to do iOS betas now (you have to get them approved just like submitting an action program).
  • Bummer. But super happy it’s finished and we can all play soon!!!
  • Glad to hear you're back. Can't wait to start test RWK.

    Do you plan to fix the Mahjong Blitz bugs I found as well? I recently discovered another one, but I'd have to do some more testing to see under what circumstances it occurs.
  • I hope I'll be able to install the RwK beta on my Android tablet as I'm currently locked out of my phone due to a new feature called Factory Reset Protection, thanks Google!
  • Fantastic news! Can't wait! :)
  • Been playing Solomon’s keep for several years now. Found out it got updated. Got happy. Found out there is a new one in production :D
  • Patiently waiting for the update that says it’s ready.....
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