Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone... going to work hard to bring you some good stuff this year!


  • Happy New Year :DD

    Its been a year since the start of the new forums...wow how time flies
    Cant wait for your games!
  • And a Happy New Years to you from the fans.
  • Happy New Year to you too!
  • happy new years! (better late then never right? >.>)
  • Happy new year all !!! And thank you Raptisoft (or John :-) for continue working on amazing games like hoggy, or hap hazard !!!

    I like so much Hoggy and im so excited to Hoggy 2 and hap hazard. Do you have intention to create a hoggy racing game ?

    Like Hoggy racing ? And in Hoggy 2, why not include a level editor ? And the possibility to replay levels clears without erase all the game, or control Hoggy with buttons :)

    Ans optimise hoggy (original) for iphone 6s and 6s plus. If you make it, i will pay again for optimised Hoggy game.
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