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  • Yes... the nature of my code is such that if I port any one of my older games, they will all be ported.
  • My porter flaked.  I'm porting it myself as soon as H2 mobile is out the door.
  • My porter flaked.  I'm porting it myself after I finish H2 mobile.  The code I wrote for H2 will allow me to port Solomon to Android pretty quickly.
  • The best way to get a very "slight" preview of character selection, etc, is to look at the Zhu Zhu Pets version of Hamsterball: http://www.download-free-games.com/pc/zhu_zhu_pets.htm That's sort of "Hamsterball 1.5" ...
  • Yep, as soon as H2 is done, I plan to use the new framework code for that to fix Solomon AND move Solomon to Android. See, all you people steaming and angry that I've been doing Hoggy 2... the work done in H2 is not wasted, it translates directly t…
  • In time, I might add some recovery stuff that lets you pull down your levels from Makermall so that you can resume editing them (and so you don't have to store them on your device), but that'll be updates further along.  As I've pointed out elsewher…
  • Okay.  It's in my notes.  It MIGHT be a seperate utility, though... that would just take your username/password, let you pick your RwK files and download/convert them for Hap.  But now, unless I am mistaken, I must finish mobile Hoggy really fast an…
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  • Man... I really want to give you an idea of a timeline, but the curse, man.  The curse!  I can't risk triggering the curse!
  • Would any of you guys mind doing that on PC as opposed to mobile?  Because developing the tools to pull your levels down from the database and give you access to them... waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier for me on PC.
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  • Yes, Rasta is right... if you want to COPY your levels to mobile, it's possible, but requires you to know how to browse your device (a lot easier on Android than on iOS, where you literally need an app like iPhone Explorer).  But you can copy a MyLe…
  • Darn... this sounds like changes to the OS that is hurting some of the old code.  Which means I'd have to recompile in order to fix the problems.  Well-- maybe I'll do that after Hoggy is out of the way.  But I have a lot of people clamoring for Sol…
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  • It will beta on Steam, launch PC/Mac/Steam at same time, then mobile shortly afterwards.  Part of the reason I am doing Hoggy first is to get my whole system updated for the latest versions of everything to make the Solomon launch smoother.
  • There's news... it's in progress.  Going slower than I hoped, but even if he doesn't finish it, it's probably to the point where I can take it over from him and finish it myself if it comes to that.
  • Yes there will, it is in the works, but I don't give specific dates becaause whenever I do, something happens to thwart the date.  It's in the works currently though!
  • Hola... I do intent to let RwK just die off (Apple has changed their libraries and processes so much that I can no longer compile it without a great deal of work), but out of curiousity: What is becoming hard to use?  Is it just OS changes that Appl…
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  • I'll check in today.  I think he's going a little slowly because of other commitments.
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  • I'll make this fix and update Steam today.
  • Hola... except for editing your own levels, the Dark Cloud doesn't work because the web side of it isn't working.  Recents was supposed to be about things you recently downloaded and wanted to play again... but without the web side of it, it's all g…
  • Just FYI, I set up my games so that if they're initially paid, but I go to freemium or ad-driven, the people who originally paid retain their "paid" status.
  • Hola, Drop a line to us at our contact page (www.raptisoft.com/contact).  Include your BigFish receipt and just say it doesn't work, and you'd like a copy of the Raptisoft version.
  • Where did you get it from, if I may ask?  Was it BigFishGames or one of those other game resellers?
  • Still deciding on prizes, but it'll most likely be money.  Or hardware (i.e. an iPad or other tablet)
  • They're supposed to be very slightly faster-- how much faster are they?  Real life five seconds should be six seconds in-game, roughly.
  • Every time anyone posts on this thread I forward it to him.
  • You never got a response?  I never had an e-mail forwarded to me.  The only answer I can give is that I have no idea why Hap Hazard's version number was bumped up... but there's nothing new or different than I can find.  Even my own code still says …
  • The original Hap Hazard was a remake of an old game I loved when I was a kid (Jumpman) and it seems that me and about three other guys enjoy it, so I wouldn't attempt to do that again. The remake would be almost exactly like RwK, but built with mor…
  • Yes, party mode (but supporting internet play, hopefully!  The test will be to see how much lag is an issue).  Yes, in next two years if life doesn't launch any disasters at me!
  • For iOS and Android, the only work left is to tweak the resolution for phones (it's already fine for tablets).  So it hopefully won't be too long on that.  But again, no dates, never a date. Then after that's done, I'll see what I can do to satisfy…
  • If you add items, as far as I remember, they will go into your particular levels' dousing pool.  That should be easy to test.
  • Oh, for XP... I don't remember if there's a global modifier.  But you can tweak the monsters' XP to get the same effect (albeit with more work).