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  • JorgeSerratoM
    This is the footage of the Solomon’s boneyard game in iPhone X
    January 20
  • Hey Raptisoft ! I used to be on iOS (like, 4-5 years ago ?) and was a huge fan of your 2 Solomon games. IMO, they are the best freemium games of their respective genders. Now I'm on Android and am more than happy to see Solomon's Keep available ! It's huge for me ! And it works extremely great on my Asus Zenfone.

    I only have one request, tho.

    My favorite iOS game was Solomon's Boneyard, please give us this one too !

    Anyway thank you for being an awesome game developper !
    October 2017
  • cskarfors
    Hello! Just checking if you need any Android testers still. I'm using Nexus 6p / Galaxy tab S3
    September 2017
  • I don't know if you are still looking for android users to test your games, but I am willing.
    I am using a pixel xl currently.
    September 2017
  • Will Solomon's Boneyard be available for iOS 11 or only Keep? 
    September 2017
  • Hello !
    I have a OnePlus1 / OnePlus2 / OnePlus3 and some other Android devices (3, xiaomi, LG, Motorola) (Android dev...) and I really enjoyed solomon years ago, so if you want, i want to test this bêta ! :)
    September 2017
  • war2k
    Hi my name is Geraldo Espinal (42)
    if it's not too late i'd like to sign up to help with the beta testing aswell.

    i've got a few droid phones from the last few years i can use for testing
    BLU Studio G 512mb ram 4gb storage
    LG Stylo 1gb ram 8gb storage
    LG Stylo 2 Plus 2gb ram 16 gb storage (just ordered will have by wednesday the 9th)
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 1gb ram 8gb storage
    I also use MEMU an android emulator on my PC and surface pro tablet so i "think" i am emulate just about any other scenario  configuration aswell.
    August 2017
  • phrostyphace
    I have an S7 edge and if it is helpful I would love to volunteer Solomon's games were my favorite games of all time and I have been waiting for many years for these games to come to Android
    July 2017
  • Hey John,

    I would be more than willing to accept a beta of Solomon's keep/boneyard to test on my android phone. I have an LG V20. The screen is 5.7 inches. I'm obviously willing to give you feedback on how the game plays on my phone as well as any other info or constructive feedback you would like.

    Zack S.
    July 2017
  • phrostyphace
    hi. my name is elliot weiss, and i have been a member of these forums for a while now. i come here constantly, and since i gave up my iphone for android, i have never found a game as good as solomon's keep which i used to play obsessively on my iphone all day. im not trying to kiss up here, that's just the actual plain truth.

    i know life has thrown you some curveballs and i still hope that everything works out great for you and that the android release happens, i think you will make a lot of money from it when it does.

    in any case, i am going to beg you to do me a favor. i knew about the solomon dark beta temporary availability. it was fully my intent to make sure to nab it. i had a friend of mines wedding (a very close friend) last night to attend. the wedding was amazing, started at 4pm and went all night long. since i finish work at 530 pm, i actually had to leave work early and go home and run straight to the wedding. can you guess what i forgot all about?

    this morning i remembered just a few minutes ago and frantically rushed over here, only to see that it was up until 8am........... which of course i missed as well.

    im not exaggerating when i say that i am near tears. well ok i am exaggerating, but i am really really sad.

    can i ask you to do me a special favor and let me get a copy of it?

    thank you so much.
    November 2016