Don't forget-- Oct 31

Don't forget to go to my homepage ( on Oct 31 between 12pm and 8pm EST if you want to grab a copy of the unfinished (and defunct) Solomon Dark, prequel to the new Solomon's Keep! 

Also, watch this space.  I'm going to put up another greenlight in the next couple days.  You'll like it because it's awesome.


  • Nice! Just wondering, will we have access to dev. commands in the game? Can we set the game to, say, spawn 100 zombies, or do we just progress through waves like in the original Solomon's Boneyard?

    Also will imps still split 20 thousand times at later waves? Because that was pretty fun with the original :)
  • Hola... I usually don't end up putting in dev commands like that, because when I want to test something like that, I code it up real fast... the game itself is essentially "Solomon's Boneyard and then some."  It really has a lot of new stuff.

    BUT: as for spawning 1,000 zombies... there's an editor hooked into it.  While the sharing online part is turned off, you can still make your own scenarios and share them with friends manually.  That will let you just up and spawn tons of zombies if you want.

    In fact, it makes me weep to think about how much cool stuff was in this game when the Festering Finger of Fate Frowned upon me.
  • I can't say I'm too surprised to hear about the dev. commands, I was just thinking of a magic preview video from some time ago that had them, and I thought they would be nice to have. But the ability to make our own scenarios with an editor sounds way cooler anyways.

    What happened was definitely a shame, but at least we will get a glimpse of some of the features that will hopefully find their way into Solomon's Keep Deluxe instead. So I wouldn't dwell on it too much. Good luck with all future projects!

    P.S: I appreciated the alliteration.

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    The editor is really well made--- dev commands would be terrible compared to it. It's like the hoggy 2 editor if you've ever tried it. 
  • Yeah, I realized after going through the forums that the game was WAY more complete than I initially though. That's what happens when you don't stay up to date with new info. Similar to the hoggy 2 editor? Well then, I'm going to be busy this Halloween...

  • Will this be PC only, or mobile devices as well?
  • No, this is PC only.  I would have ported it to mobile after finishing it, but now it's an Unfinished Game.
  • Very excited.

    Just a question, though.
    How would you feel about privately sharing the game with friends?
    For example if somebody wanted to play the game but couldn't get it on Halloween, I privately share the game with them on a dropbox or something. Would you be okay with that? I won't do it if you're not okay with it.
  • That will all be dealt with on the little FAQ that will on the download page.  Short answer is: share it far and wide, because I'm going to have it open after it quits, so even if it can't make me any money, it'll at least maybe pull in a few more RwK makers or let Solomon Fans know I'm not dead.
  • Yo Sir Raptis.If somehow I have the power to endorse this game to the public... I would gladly do it for free. your games are stunning. especially the installment of Solomon games! But hey... I have some friends which I can convince for a youtube gameplay of the unfinished product of solomon's keep 3.0. 

    I'm letting you get aware of this because I'm a big fan of your games. Give me a notice such as Hi or Hello to make my day incredible hahahha. That's all Sir John. 

    p.s. Sorry for the bad english huehuehuehuehue
  • Hola, Hamsa-- I accept all offers, because I have zero skill points in marketing.  But the new SK is not imminent-- I'm just trying to get Greenlit now so I don't have to do it later.  But as I get closer to finishing (and Hoggy has to come first) I will take you up on your offer!
  • I hope you get some connections in the marketing 'cause damn bro! your games are like... Lit from the lore! <3 Anyhow>.. since this is an initial market of your game... I hope there would be a progress in the future times. 

    Thank you again *^*7 Keep up the good work \m/
  • I just watched the trailer and its funny how the characters without a light on their staff give off light to cast shadows on walls
  • They shine with inner goodness.
  • So excited...i cant believe this is really happening. After soo many years haha.

    Is this version windows only? Or Mac aswell?
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    I'll be patiently waiting for it.

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, you're single handedly creating your games, right?
    If I recall correctly the info page on Solomon's Keep said that you created the game with some voice acting from your wife or something... if I remember correctly then that's really cool. 
    Lots of respect for you man, it looks extremely hard to make a game let alone work solo
  • I'm so glad things are actually happening now! Btw I wanted to know what software you use to make your games???
  • I believe he mentioned using the box2D collision detection system for Solomon's Keep, which is different from the Solomon Dark beta we will be getting (in which I believe he made his own)

    He writes his own engines, so no Unity or Unreal Engine or anything like that. They're written in C++, at least mostly if not fully. 

    So the actual software he uses for coding is probably visual studio or something similar. I don't know what he uses for graphics though.
  • Ok thanks SO Much!!

  • Sir Raptis,
    Where would i grab the Solomon Dark? (unfinished) ,because there's something happening with your  website.there's a notification telling [Something will happen here in: GOING LIVE!

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    It does?  It's still counting down for me... anyone else seeing this problem?

    --Edit-- Never mind, the counter I used defaults to local time.  I changed it.
  • Hmmmm I rechecked the EST timeline and yeah. No problem anymore with it. The only thing here is that the Time projected in the is followed by the time projected in the location of the user. anyhow I'm so excited woohoo
  • Its out. Can someone tell me how large the download file is? I have limited internet
  • Sure Saffogus, it's 101mb... when I finish I game, I put everything through a "compression phase" to optimize the images and compress the sound/music files... but of course, this never got to that stage.
  • Anyone able to run Solomon Dark? I've tried for the past 30+ minutes to troubleshoot it myself, but my computer skills are limited and I'm at my wit's end.

    Yes, I've already:
    •Unzipped the file (7-Zip)
    •Redownloaded the file
    •Moved the folder and all it's contents to my computer
    •Ran the program in comparability mode
    •Ran the program as Admin
    •Troubleshooted the program with windows
    •Tested the downloaded folder of data for errors (7-Zip)
    •Restarted my PC

    Any help is appreciated. I'll watch the forums as much as I can (or as much as my family will permit).
  • What happens when you run, and are you on Win10?  Does it just crash?
  • Yes, I'm on W10. When I run SD it makes a white box 3/4ths the size of the screen appear and then windows alerts me that the program isn't working correctly. I remember seeing a message like: "bass isn't installed on your computer". Other than that it just seems to crash.
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    Ok. Now that I'm setup again it looks like the program just crashes whenever I attempt run SD. I think I got the "bass.dll isn't on your computer" message when I tried to move SD out of it's folder. Moving SD and bass.dll to my front page in isolation and running SD caused an infinite crash loop that made it difficult to do anything so I restarted. That's all I understand so far.
  • Okay, looking into it.  On my box, it runs under Win10... so lacking the ability to even duplicate it is severely hindering my ability to debug it!

  • I totally understand. Thank you for taking the time to try nonetheless.
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