A fixed Dark Cloud

Hi everyone,
A fixed copy of the Dark Cloud (so you can actually run the levels) can be downloaded here:

Just unzip that, and drag the exe into your existing package, overwriting the old exe.

If you have a zip seeded or uploaded, please re-zip and re-seed.  Don't forget to delete the sandbox folder before you zip it up!



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    It works!
    Thanks Mr. Raptis. :-bd

    P.S. btw since we cannot login or create account and this game does not let me play custom game if im not logged in, how do I actaully play custom games(not testing mode) with starting at town stuff that you showed in the previous video of showcasing dark cloud.

  • Is there a way to modify the player characters sprite? 

    I want to make them look like Aliss and the other characters from the original boneyard.
  • Pepper-- it's not possible without the cloud.  Maybe after Hoggy is done I can be nagged to put the cloud back up, though.
  • Marya... no, there's not.  It never got that far.
  • Oh well. Thought I'd ask anyway:P

    It's still awesome you can mod levels with this beta:D

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Steam version of Keep come out;)
  • Will fixing the dark cloud allow us to play with others online? I know probably not but just thought I'd ask. Sorry for asking since you shouldn't even be concerned with Dark anymore.
  • How many people worked on solomon games? (they are very good) 
  • Kyoto828, for all intents and purposes only John works on the Solomon games. He did incorporate some ideas from those around him but over 99% is all him.
  • I would like to proudly say I gave the suggestion for meteor swarm! So 0.0000000000000000000001% effort was gladly donated on this end! ^_^
  • @Raptisoft

    I know I am asking a bit too much but can you put cloud back up like you said you would so that me and other people can properly play Solomon Dark map (I will be making few more for people who needs more daily dose of Solomon contents). Only using test run feature is a bit annoying since it does not save progress in anyway and does not allow any college features. 
  • Right now I'm working full-time on these ports.  After it's done, what I can maybe do is provide the code for the server side, and someone can run it if they want to.
  • @Raptisoft 

    To be honest, I am not all that interested in online level sharing part of the dark cloud because I can still share maps with dropbox. I just want to actually play the custom maps instead of "testing" it. I tried to put those map in the downloaded folder but for some reason, cannot recognize the map. Is there any way I can make the game recognize boneyard files as a downloaded map and possibly play instead of "test" it without the need of online cloud thing?
  • +1 pepper's comment
  • You know, I don't remember.  I look at it today.  It's possible it's something I never quite finished.
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