A fixed Dark Cloud

Hi everyone,
A fixed copy of the Dark Cloud (so you can actually run the levels) can be downloaded here:

Just unzip that, and drag the exe into your existing package, overwriting the old exe.

If you have a zip seeded or uploaded, please re-zip and re-seed.  Don't forget to delete the sandbox folder before you zip it up!



  • edited November 2016
    It works!
    Thanks Mr. Raptis. :-bd

    P.S. btw since we cannot login or create account and this game does not let me play custom game if im not logged in, how do I actaully play custom games(not testing mode) with starting at town stuff that you showed in the previous video of showcasing dark cloud.

  • Is there a way to modify the player characters sprite? 

    I want to make them look like Aliss and the other characters from the original boneyard.
  • Pepper-- it's not possible without the cloud.  Maybe after Hoggy is done I can be nagged to put the cloud back up, though.
  • Marya... no, there's not.  It never got that far.
  • Oh well. Thought I'd ask anyway:P

    It's still awesome you can mod levels with this beta:D

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Steam version of Keep come out;)
  • Will fixing the dark cloud allow us to play with others online? I know probably not but just thought I'd ask. Sorry for asking since you shouldn't even be concerned with Dark anymore.
  • How many people worked on solomon games? (they are very good) 
  • Kyoto828, for all intents and purposes only John works on the Solomon games. He did incorporate some ideas from those around him but over 99% is all him.
  • I would like to proudly say I gave the suggestion for meteor swarm! So 0.0000000000000000000001% effort was gladly donated on this end! ^_^
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