Suggestions for skills in New Solomon's Keep

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What are your suggestions for skills in New Solomon's Keep?
Leave comment about skill that you would like to see or modified 
for Paladin, Necromancer, Rouge, and Wizard in the New Solomon's Keep.
I know that there are still few information about New Solomon's Keep 
but we can at least try and let our imagination loose and share some great ideas while we wait for it to come.
And who knows if Mr. Raptis might find something useful within these ideas that we have and possibly implement it?

Here are some rules for SK skills that Mr. Raptis said: do not be redundant and no cross class types.

With that said, Let your imagination go slightly wild!


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    Here are my suggestions for skills for New Solomon's Keep for Necromancer

    Black Magic

    Sacrifice: (Secondary) Lose 50% of current health to gain 50% of total mana

    Forbidden Healing: (Secondary) Permanently lose 10% of maximum health to recover full health and cleanse all negative effects (including the healing immunity by death's door).

    Infernal Blast: (Primary) One second after clicking an area, a small explosion occurs in that area, dealing damage.


    Infestation: (Secondary) Infect a group of enemies at selected area. If an infected enemy dies, a friendly spider pops out.

    Rot: (Passive) Attacking enemy will apply rot which constantly deal damage based on maximum health the target has. When rotting enemy dies, it explodes and deal poison damage to all nearby enemies. And of course, zombies and maggots are immune to this (possibly vermins to)
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    Bone Guard: (Secondary)Kill all allied skeletons nearby the necromancer and gain shield based on the total health of all skeletons killed by casting this skill.

    Haunt: (Secondary)When this ability is toggled on, mana regen stops, 2%(subject to change) of mana gets drained per second, and deals constant damage to all enemies nearby necromancer.

    Soul Salavage: (Passive) Gain small portion of mana when an undead dies nearby 

    Return of Charles: Destroy all allied skeletons in a selected area and create a replica of Charles the Hammer. The stats of Charles bases on number of skeletons sacrificed by casting this spell. 

    Death's Door: (Passive) When your health reaches zero, you become innvulnerable for 10 seconds and immune to all healing effects for 20 seconds. This passive will not occur again until you fill your health bar full. 

    Mark of Death: (Secondary)Throw an orb of malevolence. When the enemy is hit, all your minions will try to attack that marked enemy. Enemy hit by this ability receive more damage from your minions. (I know the projectile acts like fireball but this skill has a unique feature that allows necromancer to control his minons)

    Dispel Undead: (Secondary) Deals massive damage to all undeads wthin the selected area.

    Necrofication: (Secondary) Your soul and skeleton separate from your body and become a powerful lich for short period of time (graphics for it can be dire faculty one). The lich is immune to all damage(except for the attacks that targets undead only), has infinite mana, and cast all spells that you have. If lich receive undead only attack or the duration is over, the soul and skeleton returns to the necromancer. While Lich form is active, the body is vulnerable and necromancer and lich will die if the body dies. 
  • Ideas for Paladin


    Vanguard's Charge: (Secondary) Moves slightly foward and gain a shield (shield health scales with damage of primary attack) that lasts a short period of time.

    Fanaticism: (Passive): Increase health regen for short period of time when a primary attack hits an enemy.

    Equality: (Passive): Deals bonus damage based on enemy's maximum health if an enemy has more health than you do. If enemy has lower health then you do, your damage decreases on that enemy.

    Vigor: (Secondary) Cleanse all negative effects and gain massive movement speed and attack speed for short period of time. Attack speed bonus doubles if you cleanse negative effects.


    Retribution: (Passive) You gain bonus damage on your primary attack based on your missing health.

    Sanctuary: (Secondary) Create a zone where constantly heals you and damages enemies based on your maximum health.

    Unyielding: (Passive) Gain damage reduction if there are many enemies nearby.

    Thornshield: (Secondary) Gain a barrier that reflects small portion of damage taken to the attacker. The barrier's health is based on your maximum health.

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    Sermon: (Secondary) Preach nearby enemies to death. Toggling this ability will stop mana regen and drain mana while applying random negative debuffs to all enemies nearby paladin. There are small chance of applying instant death to demons and undeads.

    Pay Tithe: (Passive) Sacrifice small portion of gold that you pick up to God. Sacrificing enough money will grant bonus stats and other perks for faith skills.

    Pacify: (Passive) There are small chances of monsters with low health becoming friendly toward paladin. Summoned monsters are more easily pacified but Boss monsters are immune to this ability.

    Radiance: (Secondary) Radiate a bright light for several seconds. Any invisible enemies are revealed, all ranged attacks are nullified, and all enemies nearby paladin get slowed.

    Heavenly Wisdom: (Passive) The God helps you by reveal enemies weak spots. Enemies nearby randomly gain a holy mark. Attacking a marked enemy will deal bonus damage based on enemy's maximum health and clear the mark. The mark appears more often as the skill level increases.
  • Ha, don't go too crazy here.  Some of these are very close to ones I have planned-- others break Solomon's Law (for instance, the necromancer lich idea is redundant to Stone Skin... but fear not, I do have a skilled called Lichform which does what you want, but differently than how you want it (and more in keeping with the "lore").

    I'll say this tho... I am not entirely happy with the rogue's skill system, so if anyone would like to suggest skills appropriate for an archer and a thief that ARE NOT SPELLS, I would like to hear them.  The obvious ones like "better archering" and "hide in shadows" and "find more treasure" are already planned for.

  • Actually, I was trying to make the lich skill more accurate to the lore. According to games like D&D, Lich cannot be killed unless his or her soul urn is destroyed. The body that has been left after necrofication acts like the soul urn for the necromancer. And if you think enemy is too focusing on your body, you can cast dispel undead onto yourself to return to your body and run away from the danger (or we could just have a cancel button for necrofication).

    Also, necrofication is not designed to be a defensive or escape skill like stone skin. It is a very risky skill that should only be used when you have enough minions to guard your body. Think of it more like siege mode for siege tank in starcraft. (though the more accurate example would be one of Nazeebo's ult, diablo 3 witch doctor in heroes of the storm.)

    I'm planning on posting some ideas for rouge soon. I'll try my best give ideas that you would like for rouge this time.


    If you have time, could you tell me what skills are redundant in your opinions so that I might tweak it to make it more unique or explain why it is not redundant?
  • For the archer, id say multi-shot, but that seems obvious. Perhaps a ricochet ability? bounce them arrows off walls? Super bow strength, for shooting your arrows with so much force, it allows leftover arrow damage to pierce through and hit an enemy behind the first target? Trick shot, allowing your rogue to somehow maneuver the arrow so that it curves a small degree in flight towards enemies when fired (like an auto-aim, but not as powerful as homing)?
  • For the thief, throw poison? hurl a bottle of some acidic or toxic nature? (acid seems better for undead)
    If you haven't already, how about locking chests like the old keep, and giving rogues a lockpick ability, perhaps percent based, and on fail they hurt their fingers or something for a little damage, or with a  cooldown ability button. You could also give a detect trap ability, maybe have hidden traps around the keep, perhaps even in chests too, so they have something to find, and a way to give them space from other classes.
  • @vvllaadd99

    Just for correctness, Thief and Archer are put together into a class called Rouge. 
    The sub-classes for rouge are Rougery, Archery, and Treasrue hunting.
  • I have a few ideas for the Rogue. I'm not too stingy about any of these. Let me know what you think and how they could better fit SK Deluxe.

    Enemies you've killed before are struck in their weak points when attacking with daggers. (This could provide a flat damage increase, critical chance, or whatever works best when melee attacking.)

    The Rogue's keen eye and natural charm allow him to find what others miss and trade better than any other.
    [ I imagine a flat bonus to all discovery (orbs, gold, item, so on.) and better prices when trading. "Anatomy" could be combined with this if either skill seems too weak compared to other options.

    "Shadow stalker"
    The Rogue becomes stealthed and invulnerable on killing a target in one melee attack. Stealth is broken after a few seconds upon hitting an enemy without killing them.

    "Explosive decoy"
    The Rogue places a decoy that will taunt ranged attackers and explode after a short delay. Monsters that walk too closely to the decoy will realize it's a fake and will no longer be taunted.

    "Coward's bane"
    Arrows fired at bubbled, stealthed, or armored enemies will bounce to other enemies with the same protection type. Melee attacks against protected enemies ignore bubbles and armor.

    "Defensive manuevers"
    Upon activating "defensive maneuvers" the Rogue gains two new options against ranged attacks for a short time:
    The Rogue may deflect arrows by melee attacking them in the air before making contact. Arrows shot by the Rogue will now deflect enemiy arrows on contact.

    "Offensive maneuvers"
    For a short time the Rogue will take significantly increased damage, but will also move and attack faster.
  • My ideas for Rouge


    Strafe (Primary): Rapidly shoot arrows at the direction cursor is aiming. This attack has the strongest dps of all primary but each arrow cannot hit multiple targets

    Focused Shoot (Primary): Charge an arrow while holding the attack key. Releasing the attack key releases a fast, piercing arrow. The speed and damage of an arrow depends on how long you hold the arrow. Having faster attack speed makes an arrow to charge faster. 

    Suppressing Shoot (Primary): Shoot a volley of shoots at a target location. The shots land with a brief delay. This attack has weak damage compared to other two but it can slow down enemies' movement speed and attack speed.

    Seeker Arrow (Passive): Using the latest ether rune technology from University, your arrows now has a homing ability. Unfortunately, the homing is not as good as magic missiles.

    Shattered Shots (Passive): When arrow hits an enemy, it deals aoe damage to nearby enemies.

    Hyped Up (Passive): Successfully landing shots will increase your movement speed and attack speed. This buff can be stacked.

    Overstimulation (Secondary): Use an illegal drug that stimulate all body function with some side effects. For short period of time, you gain massive movement speed and attack speed. After the effects wear off, your movement speed and attack speed slows down and you lose 50% of your current health.

    Silver Tip (Passive): Your arrows now deal bonus damage to magic shields and demonic monsters.

    Corrosive Arrow (Passive): Your arrows apply debuff that increases damage that enemy receive. This debuff can stack.
  • > Rogue

    "Sweet Talk"
    Sell Items for more
    Buy Items and skills for less

    "Correct Usage"
    All ring get +X (or %) to any effect they have

    "Split" or "Illusion" or "Spawn Shadow"
    Make 2 of you (Would be hard to do but cool)

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    Smoke Blast (Secondary): Deals minimal damage to nearby enemy and cover nearby area with a smoke. Enemies outside of the smoke will not recognize your existence until you are not in the smoke. 

    Polymorph (Secondary): Use the latest hex rune by University to turn yourself into a random enemy. When polymorphed, enemies becomes friendly and you cannot attack or use secondary skills until the duration runs out.

    Camouflage (Passive): After not attacking or get attacked for 3 seconds, you become stealthed. Attacking or using secondary skills breaks stealth.

    Vanish (Secondary): Vault a short distance and get stealthed for short period of time. Has very short cooldown.

    Ambush (Passive): Breaking a stealth grants massive damage buff for short period of time.

    Hookshot (Secondary): Shoot a hook and dash to the location that hook lands. Hooks stops at enemies, allies(if any), npc, and objects.

    Poison Nova *this is not magic spell!!!* (Secondary): Throw poisoned daggers at all enemies nearby. Poisoned daggers deal high poison damage based on victims' maximum health and increase damage taken. The damage and duration double when casted while stealthed. This ability has long cooldown and cannot damage putrid enemies.

    Blade Dance (Secondary): Deals damage to random enemies within a target area 8 times. Each attack applies debuff that increases damage taken. Using this ability while stealthed increase the duration and strength of the debuff. This ability has long cooldown and cannot apply debuff to enemy with magic shield.

    One more skill for archery

    The Big One (Secondary): Shoot an arrow that explodes on the first enemy it hits, dealing massive damage and stun to all enemies nearby the explosion. This ability has long cooldown.

  • >>The Big One (Secondary): Shoot an arrow that explodes on the first enemy
    it hits, dealing massive damage and stun to all enemies nearby the
    explosion. This ability has long cooldown.

    No, see, that's a "spell."  A rogue would BUY explosive tipped arrows, or in the case of Keep, would find a magic bow that does it.
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    Treasure Hunt

    Golden Eye (Passive): You have chances of find extra gold drops.

    Pickpocket (Passive): Landing an attack to enemy has small chance of gaining gold. Gold amount increases based on your attack's damage.

    Scouting (Secondary): Scout the area nearby you to find any hidden objects and hidden loots.

    Rouge Magnet (Secondary): Pull all dropped items visible towards you instantaneously.

    Fast Reflex (Passive): You now have small chances to dodge arrows and traps.

    Insurance (Passive): If you reach zero health and have enough money, you will revive and lose money based on your level.

    Blood Gold (Passive): You gain small portion of health and mana(if there is any) when you obtain gold. Pickpocketed golds also triggers this passive. More gold you get, more health and mana healed.

    Bargin (Passive): You can buy item with lower cost and sell items for higher cost

    For the big one:

    Well, I attempted to make some sort of ultimate-kind-of skill that synergizes well with focused shot like I did with poison knife nova/Suppressing Shot and blade dance/Strafe. And the only kind of skill that I found could work well with focused shot would be a long ranged aoe stun (since it has no damage increasing debuffs, massive damage was necessary to compete with the other two ult-like skills). Yes, I knew you would say it is a spell since it was based on a spell, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Well, my attempts to make it look less spell-like failed I guess. Please disregard poison nova, blade dance, and explosive arrow if you feel it is too spell-like.

    Also, we can assume that he already bought a load of explosive arrows before entering the Keep :) 
  • I was wondering how minions would work. Would there be a limit to how many the necromancer can have at a time, or would minions die with time? I'm hoping it's the first case. Also, are toggle abilities confirmed? everyone is mentioning them...

    It would be really neat is Solomon himself had alternate,stronger versions of the necromancer skills. For example, he could have his own Lich form that looks drastically different from the player's version.

    Also, are there scythes for melee weapons? They could replace the staff and give buffs to necromancers.

    Other necromancer abilities: (I Didn't spend much time thinking names, sorry)

    Disease (Passive): Gives minions poison attributes (maybe only take effect if the minions have been around for a while)

    Upgrade (Secondary): Raises the level of all nearby allies by 1. Each level increases the amount of levels an enemy can be be upgraded. (I'm assuming minions won't eventually disappear, and upgrading them would increase more than just HP and damage. For example, zombies will get faster)

    Dark Implosion (passive): Slight chance of enemies exploding into friendly imps. (Unless imps are reserved for fire mages. They would die off over time)

    Maggot wave (Secondary): creates a wave of maggots that latch on to enemies, slowly consuming their HP (maggots can travel tiny distances to find targets, but can only latch to one target and disappear when defeated.

    Mind Control (passive): gives Maggots slight chance of turning hosts into allies instead of killing them

    Claw of Darkness (primary): Attacks enemies with sharp shadows (Not sure if necromancers have primary spells that are similar to the mages')

    Sharp vision (Passive): Makes invisibles (the shadow enemies), easier to notice.

    Dismantle (Passive): Can use keys (the ones normally used for chests) to force gates open (the ambush gates that sometimes appear when entering a new room)

  • It would be cool if necros had an iconic "sacrifice" ability. Maybe they could sacrifice minions to regain some health and/or mana.
  • Maybe necromancers really low hp recover rate, and they have no potions? They could regain hp instead by sacrificing allies or absorbing hp from dead enemies. Death is the life force of a true necromancer after all.

    Maybe there could be some kind of ability that had damage inflicted on the necromancer redirected to his minions for 2 times damage if the necromancer has 0 hp, giving him the extra second to get out of there if things go bad.

    But the player would still need some way to recover from loosing all minions and having little hp. That's why hp regen was important in the original game, so it should still be there, but maybe also have a slow way to make minions out of just mana. I like the idea of removing hp potions for necromancers though.Potions are too lively for a necromancer. Isn't that why Solomon never used potions?

    Last thought, group teleport. Teleporting would be useful, but would be costly for a necromancer if they lost all their minions. This would be a handy upgrade for the spell.
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    You can easily find toggle ablities like Firewalker and Mindstar at Solomon Dark. When you activate it, it hoards portion of your mana.

    I assume minions might have infinite lifespan like the golems in Solomon Dark. Even if they had infinite lifespan, they would surely be suicidal enough not live forever.

    There is a scythe icon for the Black Magic skill branch. I assume it would just be a generic Death Scythe Thing.

    I don't think hp potion would make necromancer any powerful or conceptually wrong. In fact, if you are playing right, you shouldn't even need one. That applies to mages too (cough cough... magic shield...). 

    Also, hp regen was never important in the game(why would you need one when you have a magic shield that always activate when it is popped out. of course you need mental focus and max out shield first.). 

    Solomon thinks potions are for $%#@&.

    Group teleport, or it should more be like mass recall, ... ... I love that one.
  • @Peppermaster

    Thanks for all the info. Hp regen was nice in keep, because the plaza would boost the effect, and fully heal you within a minute. Plus I assume the new game won't allow you to become invinsible without magic shield so easily.
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    Here's an idea I just had for melee classes in general, like the paladin class or maybe another fighter class that you may add later. It wouldn't really work for rogue that well since they would probably just use daggers and bows.

    So you know how mages have the 4 spells they can specialize in- fireball, lightning etc. What if we had something like this for melee classes? Like you could have a choice to level up sword specialization or mace specialization to give a percent damage increase with those weapons.

    For the sub-abilities (like chaining for lightning or more missiles for magic missile), you could give a passive bleed effect for edged weapons, and for maces, maybe a bonus to fighting skeletons since bones are brittle and all that.

    Just a thought to help fill in the passive skills for the melee classes.
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    There is another reason why hp regen became useless especially in late game: Poison
    When you start to encounter hordes of poison mages shooting horrific amount of poison bolt, you will eventually get hit by one of them. That one shot is so powerful that it can drain your health down to 1 hp. Worst part is that this happens very often in late game keep and not even the great and mighty frost jet can't save you from it. Basically, even if you rest every time you clear a room, you are still forced to play the late game with 1 hp most of the time (and it is much better to spend skill point on offensive skills and kill those mages rather than get resist poison. also, resist poison is not strong). If there was no problem with these dreadful poison damage, I would say hp regen is nice in keep.

    Here is the thing about the magic shield: it got buffed in Solomon Dark.
    The maximum health for shield was 200 at the old solomon game. Now, it is 600 health. Plus, you now deal massive aoe damage of max 300 damage when the shield breaks. Therefore, if you have maxed out shield, frost jet with some cone of ice and 1 level chill wind(for blocking arrows), focus(so that you can maintain your shield), lots of battle mage and channel mana, and stone skin(invincibility for max 10 seconds), you will never die unless you want to. 

    What if you don't have magic shield? well, go make a new character or you will end up having a broken computer and keyboard.
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    According to some screenshots that Mr. Raptis posted, Paladin already has masteries for all weapons that he can use (sword mastery, mace mastery, etc). However, the sub-classes that you are talking about is not. I think that idea will make paladin's gameplay more diverse and fun.
  • >It would be cool if necros had an iconic "sacrifice" ability. Maybe they
    could sacrifice minions to regain some health and/or mana.

    I don't plan to allow sacrifice of minions... but you can set them all on fire.

  • I think it would be cool to see a sort of bloodmage or Hemomancer class in the game. You know, one who casts spells from health instead of mana. I feel like it would give a magic class that has a reason to stack health instead of just hide behind magic shield and harden all the time. The only problems that immediately stick out to me are poison and the fact that it may be counted as an "evil" magic.

    Late game poison easily takes a players health down to 1 with just one shot, so it would have to have some way to prevent poison damage besides just resist poison. But I feel like the evil connotation with blood magic won't be that much of an issue. If we can make necromancy non-evil, then I'm sure blood magic can work.

    I feel like if this became a class it would have a huge reliance on life steal and health stacking. And if it can't become a class it may work in the form of a single ability that a wizard can level up and select that adds mana to health and removed mana and all that.

    Or maybe... A legendary item? One that adds, say , double your base mana to your health and completely removes mana as a resource (or makes use of the mana hoarding mechanic from Dark) and instead all abilities cost health? It might have some poison resistance and some life steal/health regen too to help make it an item worth having.

    So what do we think, is it possible?

    On a side note, I think a rogueish ability that might work for the class is a skill that lets you release a pet rat that will explore a room and give you visibility of the enemies inside so that you can plan your sneak attack depending on the enemies in there without being seen.
  • Roguish Ability Suggestions Incoming!

    Danger Sense - Passive
    You've become attuned to the sounds of hostile feet approaching their now looted chests.
    The positions of enemies outside your line of sight (and invisible enemies) are outlined in red, up to an (x) radius around your character. Their positions are updated every (y) seconds.
    Each level up increases the detection radius (x), and decreases the time between position updates (y).

    Expert Hunter - Passive
    You've killed far too many skeletons to count. Actually, that's not true. How could you brag to the wenches without a confirmed kill count? Better start counting.
    Every time you kill 100 enemies of a certain type (undead/vermin/demon, or if that's too op break it down further such as imps, zombies, skeletal mages, etc.), increase your damage against that type of enemy by (x)%.
    Each level up increases the damage gained from the kill count (x), applying retroactively. (Say rank 1 is 10% per 100 and rank 2 is 15%. Your character has killed 200 skeletons and does 20% increased damage against them. He ranks it up to 2 but his kill count is the same, he now does 30% increased damage against skeletons).

    Misdirection - Passive
    The only thing better than dodging a skeleton's sword is when they accidentally plunge it into their neighbour.
    Whenever there are one or more enemies nearby, there is an (x)% chance that an attack targets those enemies instead of you.
    Each level increases the percent chance of hostile attacks targeting nearby enemies instead of you (x).

    Audacious Taunt - Secondary Active
    Even skeletons have mothers, and boy do they get upset when you call them fat!
    When this skill is activated, all nearby enemies lose their AI pathfinding and will instead simply move in a direct line towards the character for (x) seconds. Enemies will not attack for the duration unless they are in melee range.
    Each level increases the duration of the effect (x). Mostly useful for taunting enemies into traps, and for avoiding getting flanked :) 

    Aggressive Bribery - Primary Active
    Sometimes negotiations go south, and you need to grease some palms with a few coins... or a lot of coins. Maybe just break their bones with an avalanche of coins, that should be faster.
    Charges while the primary attack button is held down, slowly increasing the coin cost (to a maximum of all the coins in the rogue's inventory). Upon release, the coins are thrown, dealing (x) damage to all enemies in the throw area. Range and radius increase relative to the number of coins used. These coins can, of course, be picked back up, but doing so is obviously dangerous being in the direction of whatever enemies you targeted with it :P
    Each level increases the damage done to enemies hit by the initial shower.

    Slippery Coins - Primary Passive
    Coins are slippery at the best of times, but you know how to throw them just right so they bounce and roll for days. A great trick to pull in front of the bar wenches that's for sure.
    Coins thrown by Aggressive Bribery tend to roll and slide around under the enemy's feet, reducing their speed by (x)% while they stand in the area. Enemies cannot make ranged attacks while on top of the area of coins.
    Each level increases the speed reduction (x).

    Inspiring Avarice - Primary Passive
    A shower of gold is enough to inspire greed in even the coldest, deadest, and most rotten of undead hearts, but your shower of coins is especially fantastic! Why do zombies want gold you ask? So they have something to drop when you kill them, of course!
    Enemies have an (x)% chance of stopping within the shower area to pick up the coins that were thrown, immobilising them for 1 second. If that enemy is then killed, they will drop those coins in addition to whatever treasure they had initially. 
    Each level increases the chance of an enemy stopping to pick up your thrown coins (x).

    Device Opportunism - Passive
    Have you ever gotten an artefact of unimaginable power, only to be coerced into giving it to that jerk wizard who insists he "knows how to use it without unravelling the multiverse"? Well no more!
    When this skill is taken, you can use any trinket, ring or armour (but not weapon) regardless of class or level restrictions. By this method, a rogue can gain non-rogue abilities (but not primary abilities such as fireball, which require a specific weapon such as a staff or wand in this case). Bonuses that apply to non-rogue primary casting effects (such as embers, chill wind, etc) apply universally to all rogue primary casting abilities while the item is equipped (the rogue answer to welding, the thing that gives the class depth and complexity in my opinion :) ).
    This skill can only be taken once, and additional levels granted by items have no effect.
  • I think that a least the mage should be able to save their skill points and spend them later on skills that only become avlable at a higher level

    This can be done by mages as it was how Solomon got so powerful. It always bugged me that you couldn't do that
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