As you all know, there was a big vote taken in America on Nov 8th...

...and Solomon's Keep was greenlit.

Thank you everyone!


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    Quick Question before you disappear @Raptisoft

    How does Meteor Swarm's mana cost works and how can I change the function that determines the mana cost for welding spells like Meteor Swarm?
  • The welds are in code, sorry... you won't be able to tweak it very efficiently, it would need to be recompiled.  After I finish Hoggy I was going to touch up a few very small things in Dark, and I'll see if I can find a way to expose these equations.
  • Congratulations Lord Raptis! May your new game reign supreme in the markets!
  • Yeah, congratulations :) I tried to spread the word about Dark and Keep a bit with the Dark trailer () and some information, but unfortunately interest was pretty low. It seems free games (or maybe due to the added "beta") aren't as much of an eye-catcher as they used to be, so it's great news you got the Greenlight.
    Happy crunching :)
  • Congrats!!! This was insanely fast...nice :D

    And nice trailer btw Syrion :)
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