Ideas for Reworking Wizard for New Solomon Game

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I was testing some secondary skills for my Solomon Dark guide and as I was fiddling with Magic Circle, I made Magic Circle a time stop spell by increasing its slow to 100%. Then, I start having some cool ideas to change some of those underwhelming or less popular spells of the Wizard to make them more attractive and add some varieties in the gameplay. It is sad that Mr. Raptis is currently busy with Hoggy 2 and this post may be forgotten by the time he returns. But if he somehow finds out about this post, I hope this post to help him make Solomon Keep great.

Also, because there are so many secondary skills in Dark, it will take some time to make the secondary spell section for the Solomon Dark guide.

1. Upgrades for Secondary Spell (pick one of two like elemental flourish)

Ring of Fire
  • Inferno: Ring of Fire now deals 10~50%(based on level) enemies' maximum health as a bonus damage to non-boss enemies.
  • Pit of Fire: Ring of Fire also creates a big firewall around the caster's location.
Magic Storm
  • Magic Tornado(already in Dark): Greatly increase attack frequency and duration of magic storm
  • Acid Rain(sort of in Dark): Instead of dealing damage to one target at a time, Magic Storm now deals damage based on enemies' max health(1~5% based on level) to all enemies within the storm.


  • Magic Circle
    • Time Distortion: Magic Circle now stops time, stopping(technically it is just 100% slow) all enemies and projectiles caught within the circle and give 100% mana reduction on all spells. Getting out of the magic circle will completely drain wizard's mana pool. 
    • Circle of Protection: Magic Circle now reduces damage taken and greatly increase health regeneration.
    Call Leviathan
    • Call of the Ether: Rip multiple leviathans from the ether
    • Ethereal Sentinel: Summon an ethereal sentinel instead of leviathans. Ethereal Sentinel slowly shoots projectile that deals massive splash damage. 
    • Flaming Body: Firewalker now increase movement speeds, move though enemies, drains mana.
    • Fire Storm: Instead of leaving a trail of fire, Firewalker now constantly deals damage to nearby enemies.  
    Raise Golem
    • Iron Golem(already in Dark): Golem now reflects damage and gains massive physical damage reduction.
    • Arcane Golem: Golem now throws magical bolt(blue colored fireball that lesser demon throws) when enemies are far away. Explodes when it dies, dealing damage based on golem's max health.
    Magic Trap
    • Stasis Trap: Magic Trap also briefly stuns enemies.
    • Orb of Invigoration: Magic Trap does not deal damage and instead it heals and give short burst of speed wizard when wizard steps on the trap. 

  • Stoneskin
    • Ironskin: Portion of damages nullified is returned to the attacker.
    • Frozenskin: When casting Stoneskin, Wizard cannot perform any action but the Wizard heals himself greatly and removes any aggro he had been receiving. Casting this ability again stops this spell early.
    • Rewind: Instead of teleporting randomly, Wizard teleports to the spot he was on 10 seconds ago. Portion of damage received 10 seconds before will be healed.
    • Distortion: After using Teleport, all enemies nearby are briefly stunned. 

  • 2. Changes to some Welding spells

    Steam Jet
    • Add Arrow Block (please Mr. Raptis)
    Crawling Shock
    • Instead of spamming sparks, it charges up like normal earth mage do and when you release it, a wave of crawling sparks emits from your body. (pretty much a weaker version of ring of fire)
    Meteor Swarm
    • When you hold it, meteor swarm now charges up and as it charges up, the circle becomes larger. When you release it, swarm of meteor rains evenly on the circle. The number of meteors falling is determined on how long you hold it and maximum meteors that can rain i determined by bind rock. Longer you hold, you can deal damage to large area with less accuracy. Shorter you hold, you can deal damage to a smaller area with more accuracy. 
    • Make hailstones' hitbox bigger please :(
    • More shot as you level up cone of ice. Currently, because cone of ice only widen the angle without adding additional tones, it gets more inaccurate as you level up cone of ice, which mean, learning cone of ice is getting downgrade for hailstones!

    3. Sub-upgrades to Passive Skills(all of them are choose one of two kind of skill)

    Channel Mana
    • Meditation: Not casting a spell for few seconds massively increases mana regeneration. Not casting and moving also increases health regeneration.
    • Circulation: Receiving damage increases mana regeneration and damage boost for several seconds. This can be stacked.
    • Fervor: Dealing damage gives short boost of speed
    • Tranquil Flight: Not casting any spells for couple of seconds increases movement speed and object collision (chests, graves, etc)
    Health Up
    • Vigor: You gain bonus casting speed and movement speed for all offensive spell based on your maximum health.
    • Magic Sap: You gain small amount of health when you cast a spell(1 second of casting spell for lighting, frost jet, boulder, etc) or enemy casts a magic. Amount healed are based your maximum health you have
    Mana Up
    • Runic Shield: Each spell cast(or 1 second of spell cast for certain spells) grant a stack of Rune Guard. When you reach 10 stacks of Rune Guard, you gain a temporary barrier that blocks some damage. The durability and duration of the barrier is based on your maximum mana.
    • Mindstar: You gain additional cooldown reduction and spell damage based on your maximum mana.
    • Killing Spree: Killing an enemy reduces cooldowns of secondary skills. Learning this, however, will also increase cooldowns for all abilities slightly.
    • Spark of Idea(sort of in Dark): Casting a secondary skill may have a chance to recharge it. 
  • Quickie check in: Some of these skills should be bonus abilities found on items.  Remember, every new skill added to the skill system makes the randomness less likely to give you a thing you want or is useful!  But some good ideas, I think just having some staves, hats, or rings that grant extra abilities to spells may be a better way (and cooler too, since you can play around with weirdo abilities without having to invest a whole levelup)
  • I also think these skills should be go into items but there is one thing that I am worried about: it is much less likely to get an item with a bonus abilities that I want than getting a skill I want. Thus, it makes players to farm intensely to get those precious bonuses that may be crucial to their build (like all-in health up+vigor). 

    Here is my solution to that problem: Make a new type of item called runes. Runes are pretty much like those scroll of enchantment from the classic rougelike games except it gives unique bonus abilities for certain spells instead of just giving raw stat increase. For example, when you apply rune "Daggaz"(it means time) to your hat, your magic circle gains time stop ability, teleport gets rewind ability, and magic trap gets stasis trap ability. 

    Because runes are in a different item pool than other items like staff, it is more likely to get those crucial bonus abilities. Also, you can apply runes to any wearable item you like. So you don't have to worry about switching items to get the bonus abilities. 

    Or you can just do the charm system like Diablo 2.  
  • I was always a fan of wildtangent's fate enchantment system. 

    I think the grind for items you want is not a big deal, that's how it was in Keep and Boneyard. I think it kept me invested, trying to make a good build so that I could break the wave record.

    Y2kMp3 claims he beat me but I never saw a screenshot so I'm not convinced :D
  • Heh, I can't say any more without there being too many spoilers.
  • Arrgh... feels like I'm looking at a cookie jar that cannot be opened until next year. 
  • By raptis' reply it sounds like theres already runes in the game haha
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