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Since we talked about bunch of ideas for skills and spells for the New Solomon's Keep, it is now time to talk about items. It is true that most items are just randomly generated object with some stat boosts. The items that I am talking is the unique items like set items or "legendary" items. Please unleash your expectations and ideas for items that you have for the New Solomon's Keep. Hopefully, some of your ideas may impress Mr. Raptis and be on the final version of the game. 


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    These are my ideas of the items:

    *if you can, try to find what each items are referencing

    Zondorg's Blade (crusader, wizard, necromancer sword): The blade of the great necromancer
    Zondorg. The legend says Zondorg infused half of his soul within the blade.
    Equiping this sword gives ability to convert enemy undeads by dealing primary
    attack(1% when current health is 100% and 25% when current health is 25% or
    lower). Holding this disables holy related items and faith skill(paladin). When
    this sword is removed, all allied undeads (including undeads that was not
    summoned by the blade) becomes hostile.


    Vorpal Sword (crusader only sword): When wearing the Vorpal Sword, player
    gain 100% increased movement speed, 200% decreased attack speed, and bonus
    damage of 10% of enemy's max health, ability to move through enemies, and 100%
    increased damage taken. However, you can only damage bosses with Vorpal Sword.

    The Crusade (crusader only sword): It is one of the omniscient one's gift
    to humanity. Deals extra damage to undeads (not demons) and empowers allies nearby. 

    Hammer of Blueberry (crusader only hammer): Anyone who holds this hammer shall slowly turn into a blueberry. Holding this weapon will slowly turn your skin color blue permanently. This weapon also gives +1 to all skills and mana regeneration bonus based on how blue you are (gain 1% mana regen per minute and max 50% mana regen). Also, your sprite size and hitbox size increases as you get more blue.

    The Hat of Chei (Wizard & Necromancer hat): The disgustingly oozy hat of an ancient snail. It gives 50% slower movement speed, +200 mana, 150% mana regeneration, +5 offensive spell damage

    Mundo's Golden Armor (all class armor): The strange armor that legend says it was made by the God. It gives a new secondary skill: stop time. Stop time applies 100% slow to all enemies and projectile (including player's) in the map for 5 seconds. It has 12 second cooldown and permanently decrease your max health by 5. 

    Ring of Solomon (all class ring): The favorite ring of Solomon Dark. Grant new toggle skill: Total Invisibility. Total Invisibility makes a player completely invisible, making him(or her if there is a female skin or something) unseen by any entity except Solomon himself. Toggling this drains 20% of your max mana per second. If Solomon is wounded while toggling this skill, Solomon gets healed for the mana used by this skill.

    Sirmeon's Folly (non-consumable book for Wizard): Using this book casts a the original version of spell "Acid Rain". This acid rain deals 10 damage per second to all entity within the radius. Also, this book was discovered and named by Machinimbus the Experimenter.  

    Claudicus' Dark Hat (Wizard Hat): This is the last remain of Claudicus the wizard when he disappeared after creating his "room cleaning magic". Gives +2 on all ether spells and unlocks Ether Drain spell. If you want to know more about ether drain, try it out in Solomon Dark.

    Sirmin's Ring (Wizard Ring): +2 to all ether spells and 100% damage taken when attacked by Dire Sirmin. Why the increased damage taken by Sirmin? Cuz Sirmin is mad at you.

    Merdalf's Hexstaff (Wizard Staff): The staff used by the grand wizard Merdalf of Old. +5 to all ether spells, 20% increased damage on ether spells, 50% mana cost reduction on ether spell. 10% Decreased damage and 50% increased mana cost for all non-ether spells.

    Thorinius' Robe (Wizard Robe): The favorite robe of Thorinius the Elder, the creator of cold spells. +3 to all cold spells, Increased Frost Jet range, 50% mana cost reduction on cold spells, 10% increased slow rate for cold spell. Also, 50% increased mana cost for all non-cold spells and 50% reduced damage for all fire spells.  

  • Maxwell's Magnificent Inventions(item set)


    Maxwell's Book (non-consumable book): Summon a shadow clone of you that uses your primary attacks. 

    Maxwell's Plate Armor (all class armor): -50% mana regen, disables all movement skills, 80% magic resistance, 80% poison resistance, 40% physical resistance, 15% chance to fail using secondary skills.

    Maxwell's Magic Basket (all class helmet): 150% mana regen, 25% chance to fail using secondary skill, 10% magic resistance, +100 mana

    Borius' Undying Treasures

    Vitucci's Robe (Necromancer Robe): A strange violet robe that attracts bones and flesh. Grant a new spell: Vitucci's Shell. Using this ability instantly kills all allied undeads within short radius nearby and gains a shield based on the max health of each sacrificed allies. The shield slowly decays as the time passes. This spell cannot be used when there is no allied undead is nearby. 

    Crown of Undying (Necromancer Hat): A golden crown of Borius the Master of Life and Death. Legend says as long as the crown lives, so shall Borius. Grant a new spell: Life Drain. Toggling this ability on will drain 10% of max mana each second and deal damage to all enemies around the caster equal to the mana drained. The 10% of damage dealt by this ability heals the caster.

    Maw of Devourer (Necromancer Staff): +1 to All skill and grant a new passive skill: soul consume. Whenever you cast a spell that costs higher than your current mana, you convert some health of a nearby ally to gain enough mana to cast that spell. 

  • Maxwell's Book seems to be referencing Don't Starve, is that correct?
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    Maxwell's Book is a reference to Don't Starve. The other two Maxwell items are reference Dungeon Crawl:Stone Soup.

    I don't expect people to find reference of Dungeon Crawl (only rougelike lovers know about that game, generally), but I hope people to find reference of Solomon Dark.
  • Peppermaster, if you're a roguelike fan, have you tried Dungeonmans?
  • @Raptisoft
    I haven't played that one. I have mostly played free rougelike games like Dungeon Crawl, Nethack, Pixel Dungeon (now its not free i think), and Cataclysm.
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