Android Testers, anyone?

Hi all, I'm looking for Android Testers with various machines (phone-size only) for the porting of my back catalog (Solomon's Keep, Solomon's Boneyard, Robot Wants Kitty, Mahjongg Blitz).  It's still a couple weeks away (iOS 64-bit update must come first), but I'd like to start getting my list together.

I need about ten people... people who have more than one type of phone go to the front of the line.  Drop me a private message with the phones you have to get on the list!



  • I am interested, and have sent you a message.
  • I'd love to, sent you a message.
  • I'm just wondering if these people have already been selected? I'm sure you're getting lots of messages about it so it might help to post a notice that the testers have been chosen already.
  • I can still use more.  I won't shut it down to volunteers for a week or more, because the more phones the better, with Android.
  • When are the testers announced :D
  • Me for RwK!!
  • Just sent you a private message.

  • I can test too! I'll pm you.
  • If you're still looking for beta testers, I'm in. I think I sent you a PM but I'm not quite sure.

    Zack S.
  • i would like to! 
  • Hello! I just sent you a message.

    I have two android phones (Moto X 2nd Gen / Moto G5).

    I would be very happy to help in your tests as I'm waiting this port for years already haha

    I already played Solomons keep / Boneyard when I had a Ipod Touch 4 many years ago.

    Feel free to send me a message.

  • Do you have any plans to port HB to android/ios?
  • Yes, after I get everything cleared up with my back catalog to work on iOS11 and Android, I am going to give porting Hamsterball a go.  I can't promise I can do it (if I can't do it reasonably fast, I won't do it), but I'm going to give it a try before I head back into the Darkness.
  • I can s7 edge and alcatel one touch pop c9
  • Would love to if you're still looking for any. I've got an s8
  • Hi ! I can and want to test it ! I have a OnePlus 3 with Android 7.1.1
  • I would love to help out with the port. I played this for so long on the iPhone then the screen cracked and I couldn't play anymore. I have a galaxy s7 edge. Please give me a chance to help.
  • Hi Mr Rapti, I am in! Another S7 edge at your disposal and will report any bug :D
  • Count me in, Moto Z here :)
  • If ya need me im here, Nexus 6P / Tab S3
  • Hola... I'm already all full on Android testers right now... however, when I do SKHD I will be looking for more.  That's not for several months though-- Solomon's Keep Android is actually PROBABLY maybe releasing on [deadline that I won't say because if I say it it will be missed.]
  • @Raptisoft
    Can I fill in the "[deadline that I won't say because if I say it it will be missed]" with today? :)>-
  • @Raptisoft
    Happy to help with Solomon's Boneyard (Android, OP3T) and SKHD on PC.
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