Status: 9/18/2017

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Just something bloggy here...

1. Solomon's Keep, the iOS11 update is completed and submitted and SHOULD launch before the 32-bit graveyard.  It has a very minor glitch in it where it does not record feats properly which will be fixed in a quick update.

2. Solomon's Keep Android is done except for a few minor glitches.  It's basically ready to go, but needs maybe one day's work and some testing on a few specific devices (this is being delayed now because of next item)

3. Boneyard for iOS11 is in progress.  It will miss the 32-bit graveyard, but should not be too long before launch.

4. Boneyard for Android will happen soon after.

5. The ports have been difficult.  I am considering writing the RwK sequel this year rather than porting the original RwK, because the time difference between porting and writing anew won't be very big.

6. Also considering Chuzzle 2 for this year, since it's a short write and since EA/Popcap has completely pulled Chuzzle from just about everywhere.

7. Wondering if I can get a Hamsterball mobile port, RwK2, and Chuzzle 2 all out this year if I hold off SKHD for 2018.

That's all.


  • WOOT WOOT!!!
  • So no more 64bit updates for the rest of the old games? Or were you referring to the android ports?

    A lot coming in the next few months.. nice :D
  • Well, Boneyard + Keep will definitely be porting.

    I am wavering on RwK.  The ports to 64-bit have been so difficult that I actually think it would not be TOO much longer to write a whole new version (and using a different theme so that I don't have to split the earnings, while adding in all the nice new features like voting and stars, new stuff, and a cooler editor).

    That said, I'm thinking of switching focus to try to get a lot of back-logged games out, and going for the "big game" in 2018.
  • Oh please put out SKHD first! Or at least could you do a poll for a couple of weeks to see what your fans would prefer?

    Also what does RwK stand for?
  • It seems like the other games get all the love
  • oh robot wants kitty.

    if u want MONEY SKHD is your man. because after people play it they will DEMAND expansions, or SKHD2, or w/e

    SK is deep, has great mechanics, etc. it is a game that will get you a long lasting following, and they will dedicatedly play it to death.

    there is NO WAY robot wants kitty gives you the same kind of mileage.

    my 2 cents lolol
  • I'll be honest. I'm gonna be super happy with SK on my android devices. My only issue would be if SKHD takes awhile to come out will it just be a giant update to the soon to be released SK or will it be a separate app? I would rather not have to start SK over with SKHD if I have been playing SK for a year or more.
  • Well, SKHD is a complete rewrite.  The original SK was written for iPhone 1, and thus has a lot of limitations in it-- to get an idea of how much more advanced SKHD will be, find the Solomon Dark download and examine some of the effects, etc, that can go on weapons. 

    The compatibility with SK will be low in terms of actual data files.  However, the Wizard class in HD will be very similar (in the same way the wizards in Solomon Dark are the same as the wizards in SK, except with more stuff)... so the gameplay experience you get with SK will directly help with HD.
  • Phrostyface: One of my issues right now is that, having come off three years of working on Cubic Castles, I would like to get a few games out to get back into the "producing" mindset.  The Cubic Castles experience was bad in that being part of a team, I slowed down, got complacent.  I just finished Hoggy 2, and am getting close to finishing the ports of SK & SB, but SKHD still has a great deal of work before I'm happy with it.

    Thus, if I could get out another game this year, it'd be good for the psyche and if can shed my Cubic Castles funk, SKHD probably will be finished at the same time it would be finished anyway.
  • Where is the update for iOS?
  • It's released... probably taking time to propagate through Apple's servers.
  • @Raptisoft 
    There are one thing that has been bothering me in Hoggy 2 and Solomon's Keep.
    Normally, an app should not make a sound when mute switch is on and no headphones are connected (iphone).
    But for some reason, Hoggy 2 and Solomon is still making sound even though the mute switch is on. 
    It's not really a game-breaking thing but it is quite annoying to me.
    Also, Rwk, Boneyard, old version of Keep does not have this issue at all.

    P.S. I did bought the no ad purchase today. Though the no ad price was pretty expensive compared to other no ad price, I still would have paid that money to support Solomon franchise. 
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    Thanks Pepper for the support... the mobile game industry is taking a hit these days and I'm trying to fund SKHD now that I'm off Cubic Castles.

    That phone/silencer thing-- would you believe Apple doesn't give you any way to detect it?  The way everyone detects it is to play a silent sound-- constantly-- and then-- constantly-- query the system to see how much of the sound was played.  And then disable sound if not enough played.

    I was in such disbelief of this that I was convinced I must have found the wrong solution, but in searching since then, yes, it's correct.  So I'll be updating it in quickly after I finish porting Boneyard.
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