Gamebreaking bug with ad

I do not know whether this has already been reported or not but I just lost entire save files for watching bunch of ads for gold. What happened was that I ad farming like usual and suddenly the game crashed during the ad. So, I just closed the app and reopened it. There, I saw all my save files (my ultimate ether frost mage set OTL) gone and most of my ad golds were also gone. I really don't care about getting back my save files but I wish it does not happen to anyone else. 

P.S. I guess watching too many ad is bad for me.


  • This actually reminds me, I was watching videos for gold and one of them randomly gave me like 11,750 gold or some ridiculous number, and then after that, the weird bug that I described in that "bug report" thread started happening. I still got the gold, but the game was freaking out for a bit.
  • At least your save files are fine. :(
  • Hm... this is pretty serious.  I will adjust things so that everything is saved before watching an ad.

    However, the ad gold DOES save immediately when it is deposited.  Was it really gone?

    BTW, for the large amount of gold... there's a one in one hundred chance of a big payout when you watch an ad for gold.
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    Yes, I had at least 1000 gold or more ad gold before the crash. Now, I only have 388 gold and two staffs in my amazing cabinet. I am not sure why i have these golds left considering all of my save data and other gold just disappeared from that crash.
  • Yeah, that doesn't add up at all... I'll look into it, but hm... I almost wonder if iCloud wrote over your stuff for some reason with an older version-- the data clouds now.

    I could see the game crashing and you losing your inventory contents, but the gold file gets saved every single time it gets added to.  So I'm very confused, but will look over the code to see if I can find anything.
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    Perhaps this is related to the issues the Android version has with ads? I got at least four crashes in the latest beta build, two of which forced me to restart my phone by giving me an inescapable black screen. They also made me lose all the gold I had just obtained.
  • If it is, it's going to be a bug in Admob's code (seriously, all I can do is say "load ad" and "show ad" ... I have no control over anything else at all).  But I will be using the most updated Admob for the upcoming updates/releases.
  • That's pretty worrying. If you have no means of preventing the crashes, how about making the game save after every ad? Then people at least won't lose any gold from the previous ads.
  • Yep, that's in now, it saves BEFORE every ad in next update.

    What's more confusing to me is the gold being gone... which makes me think it's something to do with iCloud, since I can't think of another way to "roll back" his data.  Wiping his data?  Maybe.  Rolling it back?  I don't know a way other than "old files got synced over his existing ones."
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