Status 9/27/2017

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Okay, so, today Solomon's Keep Android is in what may be final testing.  Just waiting for my beta testers to test my fixes and remind me if I missed anything they've reported.  Android will launch at the same time as I submit an update for iOS that fixes various things 64-bit oopsies.  If you nagged at the beta testers here, they might work faster.

Boneyard is going through iPhone testing now, so it should be out of the 32-bit graveyard soon.

I'm still leaning toward porting RwK, but a lot of that will hinge on whether I can recover the old files or not.   I'm getting the idea that if I can't recover the old files, it's probably not worth it, but that's the case, I'll open source things and provide all the data in case anyone wants to take a crack at it.

So that's today's status.


  • Waited years for the android release! Beta testers move your backsides and get working! :D
  • Don´t worry the game is almost done for android ;)
  • Google's approval process for apps is a lot faster than apple's right? I would hate to hear that it's done only to have to wait 5 days for it to be approved.
  • Near as I can tell, Google starts rolling out IMMEDIATELY, so that it's just a matter of how long it takes to propagate around the world.

    Apple appears to be a steady two days these days.
  • Can't wait that download moment comes :D :D
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