Questions about Solomon Dark Editor

I have several questions regarding Dark Editor

1. I am having a little trouble with making an npc that asks a question and let player answer it with a set of choices to choose from. Is there anyway I can make player to be able to answer to the npc by using this editor?

2. How does Dark Code work?

3. What is Echo?

4. What happens when sleep occurs?

5. How does reference work?

6. how do make an npc stop bouncing?


  • Also, can you give us some sort of lil guide or tips for the editor?
    If I cannot get daily dose of new solomon contents, at least I need to know how to make them to survive solomon famine of 2017. ;)
  • Well... number one, the editor wasn't finished (for instance, I didn't even know NPCs "bounced" haha)... but well, here's some general stuff, because I don't want to stop other work to devote time to this:

    1. I'm not sure this is possible in the current state-- it was intended to be, finally, but I don't think I got to this point before gaining the attention of the Patent Friends.

    2. This is a bit general, but I think you're asking, how does it process?  It falls straight through-- but if you have ten or more lines it will let the game process before continuing (to prevent infinite lockups)

    3. Echo just prints text to the screen, like information

    4. The script pauses execution, everything else continues.  Script will resume after the time period is over.

    5. It's a way of applying actions to an object.  I'm not sure any more how complete this was, but you'd do something like:
              Reference enemy at (rect)
              Make Reference Walk To (position)

           ...something like though (though work I've done on SKHD in the meantime has blown a lot of ths stuff out of my mind)

    6. I wasn't even aware of this, so there's probably no way.  Does he just jump up and down?
  • edited September 2017
    1. Well I guess I'll have to do it like those good ol' Starcraft custom maps. 

    2. I was asking what code I can put into the dark code.

    6. Yeah, just jump up and down like "help me! here take this quest." sort of thing. 
  • Oh 2... that's actually for testing stuff... so that if I want to run a test or something, I code in some keyword, rather than having to actually program in a new script command.  It would have been removed if things had ever gotten to the release phase.
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