Bug in solomon's keep?

I cannot seem to find the boss key for level 8 and I have scan the whole level for it, yet to no avail..... Help!


  • Hi, are you on iOS?

    If so, there was a bug in the initial where this sometimes happened.  But the update (coming soon) fixes it, so keep your savegame around, it will repair itself.
  • I am on android. Haha. I will just wait for your update then. :)
  • You know, between working on Boneyard and fixing other things, I don't remember if this fix is in the android version already.  When I push the update, let me know if this savegame fixes itself-- if it does NOT, try walking down the stairs, and back up (in the new version).  Then if there is still no key to be found, let me know and I'll have to trace it down, because that's a game-killer bug.
  • Has anyone else had a bug where the save gets deleted on iOS? Twice now I've gone to load SK and when I select the file it loads as a new game and erases the old one. I have no idea what I'm doing to make it happen...
  • @Vyasi How ? First time you play ? Which device ? What is your current version of IOS ? Each time ? Just one time ?
  • I don't know how. this is on my iPhone 5s with iOS 10.3.2. It's happened twice and I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. The first time I loaded up the game after playing it for several days and the save file was gone, I did have extra gold from watching videos in the save file though, because it's across all files. I assumed I had accidentally deleted it or something... Again today I loaded SK and clicked on my save file–I've played several games since the first time it happened–and it immediately started as a new game, so I returned to main menu and the other files I had were there but the game I had was overwritten with a new game. 

    I tried to think of any other pertinent info but it's literally just I start the game and the files are gone, not even the same file slot...
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    Hi Vyasi... I will look into this.  I had a problem before with iOS where I was storing the files in the cache area instead of in the cloud area, but if that was happening your gold would be gone too.

    I also had another user who was getting their games "rolled back" to an earlier save game which I thought might be an iCloud problem, with iCloud somehow putting older versions of the save files back into place.  However, I'm not familiar enough with the ins and outs of iCloud to determine if this is it yet.
  • Just to clarify, there were no save files–just 3 start new games–and when I started one there was an extra 2000ish gold from when I had watched videos.

    @Raptisoft Stupid question but does watching videos generate you income? Cause that would make it twice as worth it.
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    @Vyasi, yep, I understood--- but the saved games and the gold data are all the in the same place, so if it got wiped somehow, it should all be gone.  That's why I'm suspecting something weird with iCloud (and I've had at least one other person get his save game "rolled back" to an earlier version which is what made me suspect an iCloud sync issue in the first place).

    Yep, I get income from watching ads!

    Basically, it goes like this:

    1. The ads you see between levels generate me a teensy bit of income just from popping up-- like maybe a penny or two.  But if a lot of people play the game, it adds up pretty nicely.
    2. If someone TOUCHES them, it's more (it varies by ad)
    3. The ones you watch for gold generate even more, so they're the best (I actually had expected a lot of people to take advantage of these, but I get very few people using it!)

    But the nice thing about it is, finally the people who try the game actually produce some income.  I think when I get everything ported, and then either get Hamsterball to mobile, or write Chuzzle 2, I will have Keep HD funded.

  • I was planning to do a cheat run of the game soon just for the fun of it where I make myself overpowered by watching massive amounts of ads. That should help you a bit.

    I'd never make use of the ability to get extra gold for ads or Bribe Destiny otherwise, though. I prefer to beat the game either fair and square, or by breaking it completely. Nothing in between.
  • @Raptisoft That sounds like a bug I mentioned before where you can "reset bosses"...after some experimenting it seems this happens whenever the game is closed without selecting "leave game" in the options; if you just close the game and remove it from running apps in iOS it resets the save to the last time you've walked through the portal or a door on the floor level, pretty much indiscriminately.

    @SomeRandomHEFan I had a game where Verinus had frostjet so I used the videos to mine gold to max it out and managed to go through archmage in about an hour :D

    ...which reminds me, none of the feats have been showing up for me, either with or without bribe destiny.
  • Yes, the feats are broken in the initial release.  They are already fixed in the code and will operate correctly when I update (which is about a day or so after I get Boneyard into its testing phase)
  • First: Thanks allot for bringing Solomons Keep to Android, I played it on iOS for years. The reported bug also appeared in my game in Android. I am in level 3 of Demigod. There are three rooms and a wooden boss door and no chest with the key. Dead end. Or is there a Solution?
  • Hi Greenwood, no solution just yet. 

    But keep your savegame-- the update will fix it.  All you'll want to do is leave the floor, and return to it (either by going down the stairs or by going to town and back).
  • Thanx, I'll be patient.
    Another problem: After starting my first game, I was able to buy 20.000 gold. When I'm trying now, the game crashes three seconds after touching the buy gold button. I can"t give you my money :-)
  • I'm hearing this from more people.  Actually going back and forth with someone from Google.  Would you be able to accept some test apks?  If you can, private message me, we'll go from there.
  • hi, i also have a bug, the menu and the hub world is all white, and when i use another character skin it do not appear. i am plaing on android on a lg  K 10. please, this bug is the one thing that prevents me of enjoing the game 
  • Hi Sebascz, by "Hub World" do you mean the town?

    What kind of phone do you have?  This sounds like the device drivers themselves have messed up.
  • I am having this bug on Android where every time I step out to the balcony, I end up stepping out the front entrance (back to level 1 just before entering the tower, where Solomon gives his speech). What can I do?
  • Hi NZ... are you proficient enough at Android to send me a copy of your save game?  If you just zip up the "sandbox/" folder in the com.raptisoft.SK package and put it somewhere where I can grab it, I can try to diagnose/fix the problem.
  • Hi all,
    Regarding the initial post "I cannot seem to find the boss key for level 8 "
    I am not sure if it can help or not, but had a similar issue too.
    It turns out that the key went BEHIND the chest in my case.
    I had to go round each chest I had opened sticking the its edge to find the key.

    A suggestion : since the screen /view does not move, would it not be best to have the spoils appear only on the left and right sides only ? No drops in the back or front? ( some chests are one below the other )
  • Hm, now I thought things were NOT able to drop at the 12 o'clock position.  It must have happened because other things were occupying all available space?

    As for the key though, I did find a situation where the chests could be tagged as "killed" and therefore not draw or be touchable.  But that was fixed in the most recent update.
  • Yeap! Seems like that bug is gone. Thanks!
  • Sorry for the late reply, the phone i use is the lg K10.
  • Okay, I will look into that phone sebascz95!
  • I'm experiencing a similar problem as xtolord where my key to the bosses room is stuck behind a grouping of chest. I'm using a galaxy j7 and also have a screen shot of it. Absolutely amazing game and even though I'm unable to move further in the game I intend to download any other games you have available.
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