Beta Boneyard Android - Kill Ads crash

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Purchased the Kill Ads & button was replaced with Get Gold. Closed app. Reopened and Kill Ads button was back. Clicking Kill Ads crashes game everytime.


  • Similar to this, I purchased the Kill Ads feature but still get interstitial ads upon leveling up. Not sure if that's by design during the beta testing or not though.
  • Not sure if its related, but now I can't tap on any of the perks available from the Witch.
  • Sneaky, if you uninstall/reinstall, same thing?

    Chad, no, it should be disabling the interstitials.  A bug.
  • Android 7.0 using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
  • Uninstall/reinstall done. Same issues @raptisoft
  • I too still receive ads at every level after purchasing the KillAds, may I know if theres a way to fix this. Thank you.
  • Not until I upload a new beta... (note, no purchases are "real" during the beta testing-- they have the purchase effect, but are not billed to you).
  • @raptisoft Purchasing Perks and Fates cloud saved or game saved? When I uninstalled and reinstalled, I lost all purchase progress. Not sure if this is correct or not. Thanks for all your hard work on this!!
  • Yep-- an uninstall wipes everything (it's just a matter of files being deleted).  Google is working on some cloud stuff, as I understand it, but it's not quite ready for primetime yet... BUT, if you copy the files off, you can copy them into a new install without a problem.
  • Rapts, about cloud save on Google, I think it's already avaible (some games I play already use them, like Zombieville USA 2).

    Don't know how difficult it would be to implement tough...

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    I'll look into it... maybe not for initial release, but it'd be a good thing to add in.

    Edit... browsing those links, looks like Google did as much as they could to make it as hard as possible.  iCloud is nice-- you just say, hey, this folder clouds (sadly, it doesn't do subfolders).
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    About the purchases in beta not really being completed, just wanted to be sure about it...

    I tested buying a 20k gold pack and I even received an email from Play Store about this purchase.
    (Also received an SMS from my credit card with a notification about the purchase as it always does.)

    Edit: the purchase ID is GPA.3339-8528-6363-57278
  • Never share this personnal information here. next time: ;)
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    I think someone should edit his message out even tho its probably too late by now
  • Also bought some gold, purchase went through, .99 cents
  • @dsgantos...because the game is not live, and you are on the beta list, it's my understanding (from reading Google docs).  HOWEVER, all that stuff is under THEIR control, so I'm not able to GUARANTEE that it didn't, I can only repeat what I have read in their documents.  Getting an alert from your credit card company would suggest to me that it DID go through.

    I won't take it amiss if you refund it.

    (Or, if you actually want the gold, just remind me after the game releases and I can give you codes to recover everything you bought)

    But yeah, as Rasta said, don't put receipt ID's or anything like that in public here, private message me.
  • Oh thanks for the information.

    When the game go live I will send you a pm =)
  • Same here, I purchased "Kill Ads". and PlayStore billed to my credit card already. (at beta1)

    May be forgot to add beta testers accounts to Developper Console?
    and after game release, delete testers from dev console.
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    That can't be it-- if you weren't an official beta tester, it wouldn't have allowed you to grab the game (you went through the whole "become a tester" click through, right?)

    See for me, because I'm the developer, it doesn't let me buy at all-- it just tells me the items are not purchasable.  I assumed that was happening for all betas.  Either way, Google can refund you, I won't take offense.  But the purchase WILL hold through the live game, so if you intended to buy, it'll stay bought. 

    Gold also won't be lost, unless I screw up really badly and have to change the file format.  But if that happens I can simply give you a code for gold.

  • @Raptisoft

    hmm.. Yes, I was registered from "become a tester" page.
    some glitch is occured to google system?

    thank you for info.

  • @raptisoft FYI, $3.99 posted to my Bank account on Oct 11th for Kill Ads purchase on Beta 1 Boneyard - just checked.
  • Okay... uh, I will note in the next beta that these are live somehow.  I'll write Google right now too and make sure I don't have to check some checkbox that says "oh and don't charge the beta testers" hidden six layers deep in app settings.

  • @raptisoft, this could be the cause for the reset of the Kill Ads purchase and the cause for the crash after purchase. You hit Kill Ads and it goes to check if you have already purchased and it comes back true - program crashes because it doesn't know how to respond a return True?
  • No-- it checks if you purchased right when it starts the game.  If it returns true, you will never even see the "Kill Ads" icon any more (it gets replaced with "Get Gold"). 
  • Just the retention, though, not the crash right?
  • After update, game opened to no longer showing Kill Ads on main screen, but Get Gold instead. Clicking Get Gold yields same options as Get Gold through Perks Screen. No crash. Crash only happened when Kill Ads was there after I had already purchased. And the game gave me ads after ever skill screen. Now, it doesn't crash and I don't Get ads after each skill selection screen.
  • Excellent.  I actually did find a specific bug there.  It's not the one that causes some people to crash the store when buying though, sadly.
  • It's baaaaaaa-aaaaaack! :(
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    Uh, can you be more specific?  This was a long time ago in programmer-time.

    Like, is your button going back to being "Kill Ads" again?
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