[Keep] Is there a page that has all the data on all skills & other info

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I mean all the damage, mana consumption, recovery rate info, as well as skills that affect combined primary skills’ damage and special effects, etc.

I don’t see a comprehensive guide anywhere.

I notice that no matter how many skill levels I get for frost jet and lightning, the blizzard beam damage doesn’t increase at all, and stays at 20/s forever, wasting all my levelups.

By the way, the same combined skill keeps popping up even after you’ve learned it. I already have blizzard beam now, and it still keeps showing up as an option when I level up, taking away one slot of choice. Is that a bug?


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    No, that's deliberate. Once welded, a spell doesn't level up any further. If you enhance one of the primary spells it's based on after welding, you'll have to weld it again for it to take advantage of that.

    For example, let's say you weld Steam Jet while Fire Ball is at level 1. Afterwards, you get Fire Ball all the way to level 5 and also acquire Explode. Although Fire Ball is now much stronger than before, Steam Jet hasn't improved at all. But after welding it a second time, it gains all of Fire Ball's new properties.

    As for the information you're looking for, if you're on Android, your save data contains a dump of all the game's resources, including TXT files that expose various properties of skills. Apparently, you can even mod the game by editing them.

    Unfortunately, this won't be possible for Boneyard. Its TXT files are encrypted as an anti cheat measure for the iOS version's leaderboards.
  • Thanks. Great to know! Unfortuny that I don’t have an android for this. I kinda wish raptisoft had an official guide
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    You can re-weld it again to update it down the road, it will give the opportunity to weld again.
  • A jailbroken iDevice might still be able to access the game's resources, but any others are definitely unable to do so, yeah. Citizens of the dictatorship that is iOS aren't allowed to look at their own files.

    That said, I could upload a dump of all the TXT files for you to view on your PC, but they're technically protected under copyright, so I'll wait for John's okay first.
  • Someone link him to peppermasters in depth guide for Solomon dark I'm on mobile phone and it's just too annoying but 90% of the information is basically the same except for the stuff about some of the secondary skills and Earth Magic and secondary ultimate tier subclass skills and items and a bunch more stuff but otherwise pretty much similar maybe not as much as I thought when I first started writing this comment though
  • Thanks guys for the comments
  • Just FYI, I am aware that welding is stupidly confusing, and it will work differently in SKHD.  You will all despise me for two weeks until you realize the new system is wonderful at which time you will start posting that I should back-port the new system into the old Keep+Boneyard.
  • Well, as u already noticed, the blizzard beam doesn't level up by itself, u need to recombine two skills u have upgraded once again to upgrade the beam.
    And that's the reason it keeps popping up in the skill choice
  • @Raptisoft Is it okay if I or someone else uploads the game's TXT files here so that iOS players can also see get the insight they offer into the game's skills?
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