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Dear Mr. Raptist

According to my (not so good) memory, i thought Boneyard has more than 4 characters. Did i remember it correctly ? Or i just imagined that as i played it when i was in highschool (I was one of those people who keep emailing you asking about Dark haha). Anyway, thank you for porting Solomon games to Android. They helped me survive highschool (i know it sound cheesy and dramatic). I am really looking forward to Solomon's Keep HD. Keep up the good work !
A longtime fan of yours

P/S: English is not my first language so please forgive me if i wrote something that is incomprehensible , confusing , weird and too formal. This is the only writing style i know :))


  • You have to unlock them with gold!

  • But yes you are correct, and as it seems - there are more characters than before :)
  • Yep-- note that on the perks screen there's tabs for "perks" and "fates" (with fates meaning you change the whole fate of the world to make a permanent change).  You can unlock new game features (like extra wizards, extra spells, and extra features) in "fates."
  • Nobody reads the witch's little speech!  And I put in extra eeeee-hee-heee-heee-heee's too.
  • @Raptisoft

    I bet some SJW will complain about gender stereotype stuff with that eeee hee hee stuff. ;)
  • It's going to be even worse with SKHD.  I'm retconning away female adventurers because it occurred to me that Solomon wouldn't even bother to "play" with a low-level female invader into his Keep, he'd simply grab her and put her in a cage.  The only reason a male adventurer isn't immediately killed is for entertainment, as a cat might play with a mouse.

    I wasn't able to resolve the logical inconsistency in a dark-age, depopulated world.  I'll get some heat for it, I'm sure. 

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    So that is why Solomon has so many sons and daughters... I get it. :D
  • Where exactly is the perks screen? Can't seem to find that.
  • @jazzzed in the main office where you select your wizard, there is a witch on the right side that is stirring a cauldron.  She will sell you perks.

    However, if you're using a tablet with a low width-to-height ratio, there's a few sizing issues.  You can still tap on the right side to get to the perks screen, but I have to adjust the layout a bit, which I'm doing in an update ASAP.
  • Is it intended that you don't get EXP if you kill a guy in the short period of time between a level up and when the screen to pick a skill pops up( this is the period of time when everything is in slow motion)
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