Monday Screenshot 6/1: Storming the Ramparts

Deluxe keep has a few more environments than original Keep (original Keep had, simply, indoor levels, and rampart levels).  I've been working to get all the environments together so the Keep can be walked top to bottom.  It gets a little trickier in 3D because things you mean to hide get revealed by the camera, etc.

Anyway, here's the lonely Paladin storming the ramparts on his way to the top. 


  • looks good, i know your going for a dark dreary look, but maybe add some contrast, nothing too severe, but maybe a glowing rune on the floor, blood stain here and there etc (if your already doing that but just didnt want to give it away, by all means ignore this comment  :P)
  • Where's the rain? Aha! 
    Excellent texture work. Gloom is satisfactory. 
  • @Tears: Last step in doing this whole dev will be just to go through everything and make about 300 geegaws, statues, gargoyles, banners, etc, to hang on the walls. But I don't want to bog down on them until things are further along.
  • Woah. Looks good.

    @Raptisoft - Ah the joys of interior decorating. I hate that step.
  • Yeah, the decorating is such a painful pleasure... it's really fun, but then the unthinkable might happen: getting an idea or changing the style slightly that forces a rehup of all the graphics.  That's why I try to keep it all bare walls and whatnot until the end, against that possibility.
  • ahh.. makes sense to save that for last, forgive my ignorance :P
  • Well, there's also the fact that a bare-walls game with all gameplay elements CAN be released in an emergency, while a half-done game with awesome decorations can't.
  • @Raptisoft
    Just what sort of emergency are we talking about?
    Angry mobs protesting the lack of spooky castles?
    Undead hordes from the abyss?
  • Emergencies like, game not 100% ultra-perfect by my internal "drop dead deadline" but put it out anyway!
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