Will Earth magic ever be added to boneyard?

I like how you updated the boneyard’s perks system to be like darks. It’d be cool if the earth magic could be added on to boneyard too.


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    I highly doubt Mr. Raptis would implement earth magic to boneyard. Implementing those skills are one thing but fixing the bugs and glitches will take even more than you imagine. Don't expect any Earth spell from boneyard, keep, and even the new keep for now. Until few more weeks after SKHD is officially released (which is 2018), you would be able to play earth magic with Solomon Dark only.
  • Adding Earth to Boneyard would be a HUGE endeavor (it's not just the boulder spell, remember... it's all the welds too) so it's very very very unlikely.  But not 100% impossible.  I have some interest in adding the golem, for instance, and I plan to add in a few of the bosses from Dark, though.
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    You better add call comet spell in boneyard if you have time. That thing deserves attention.;)
  • I figured you would be looking more towards adding the golem because you mentioned that before in terms of the upcoming pc game. I just was not sure how much work the earth spell would take but thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks for clarifying.
  • @peppermaster Yeah, I really should.  That was one of my favorites.  I'll put it on my "can I do this" list.
  • I have no idea what this is about. Is there a Solomon game I'm not aware of that I can get to play with new stuff?
  • @chad_b_morrow

    well, there is a scrapped prequel for Solomon's Boneyard called Solomon Dark which has various new spells like Earth spells and various new welding spells based on Earth spell and other interesting spells like call comet which literally summons a comet that deals massive aoe frost damage and freezes enemies.

    If you wish to play, you can download it from this link below. Just un-zip it and play.

  • Hot damn, yes. Thank you.
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