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Before I make some random speculations and daydreaming about SKHD, I have one simple question, what previous mage skills will we definitely not be able to see or have major revamp in SKHD upon release?(that includes spells that will come out as DLC or add-on like boulder) I know balance test hasn't even started but I am pretty sure you have at least a vague outline of what you will do with balance. 

P.S. Also, I need more juicy info to survive the your upcoming "hibernation". ;)

P.S.S. Just wandering, was "The Incident" created by Call Comet spell?


  • 1. At this time, everything in Dark is planned for SKHD-- with Boulder being somewhat modified to make it sensible within corridors, etc, if I can make that happen.  But the other earth spells will definitely feature ALTHOUGH, there will be an "unlock new spells" mechanism similar to Dark.

    2. Ummmm... the main difference, gameplay-wise between old Keep and KeepHD is that KeepHD will have a LOT of randomized adventure scenarios in it.  So that you will literally be playing a different game each time, in terms of what you encounter in the Keep.

    3. It would certainly have to be a more powerful version of Call Comet, right?  Anyway, we can never know for sure, because there's no records that say anything sensible.  It may be that the center of the crater is a library where records of that time might be kept, and it might have had a book in it that someone didn't like... that sounds pretty typical.
  • I asked about "the incident" stuff because I found a dialogue by Machinimbus (the unlock spell guys) about Call Comet that in attempt to bring down the comet, mistakes like "The Incident" happened. Of course, it is possible that Machinimbus can conjure up some fictional story to make players to buy his product. 
  • Well, what he's describing is the various mistakes that were made on the way to developing Call Comet.  There's lots of stuff in the firmanent, and I think he mentions, it's so high up there it's hard to concentrate on.  So figuring out a good routine/ritual to specifically attract a lump of ice that you can't see and whose specific location is unknown was a lot of work and yes, other things can be called down if you just go prospecting willy-nilly.

    Also, typically if a wizard is unsure of something, he fills in the gaps with things that sound about right.  They're not really morons, as you said in another post, they're just very very confident-- as anyone who can fry doubters with a wave of his hand would be.
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    about the moron thing... ... It is mostly a joke but I have several reason why I call them moron. enjoy:

    1. Kept starting wars with some sarcastic tweets (actually, the entire human race are bunch of moron)

    2. They all suck at management. (true fact)

    3. Not utilizing Necromancy into more militarized magic. (I have thought about the story of an ancient civilizations using militarized necromancy into their own demise. Pretty much like a Nuclear War with deadly miasma that turns people into feral undeads)

    4. Can't even beat Solomon's Keep at student level. (well, most of them...)

    5. Most wizards loves fire (Personally, I think fire is the currently the weakest element besides earth. Of course, flame lash is a different story)

    6. Why read +18 book when you can just sneak peak the actual thing using various magic like phasing or magic circle. (I feel guilty right now)

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