The Unholy's Imp drops???

I just want to ask, after the update, why do the imps summoned by The Unholy don't drop anything anymore? (gold, rings, orbs etc.)


  • That was a bug... Unholy 4 wasn't intended to be a farm!
  • Such a BS response, its clear that they want people to spend money, I been playing this game for about 4 years and that had been always the case
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    Hey, you can use the name RaptisoftsGreed, don't undersell it-- my greed is an extreme thing, so you've got to use lots of adjectives and impressive verbiage when you speak.  For instance, what you posted above is flaccid-- a better way to represent my greed would be thus:

    This response is unadulterated, unprocessed, and pure organic BS.  It's clear that RAPTISOFT-- may that word be cursed through the ages and inscribed on black granite blocks forever turned toward the wall-- just wants people to add to his glittering, dragon-like underground hoard, that reptile.  I have been playing this game since it was born, I am the original player, and only now has Raptisoft let the goblins out from his dark undermind.

    So if you're gonna reserve that name, go big or go home!

    But now... there's no actual method in Dark to "buy rings" or whatever... so I'm not able to make money off this.  Summoned creatures are not supposed to drop loot-- for precisely the reason that the random rolls would begin to drop crazy amounts of loot.  Nobody actually brought it to my attention, then or now, and I only noticed it because I finally got in there and fixed the problem with the imp overloading and then I noticed that I had a messed up conditional statement that always failed.

    But fear not... the next (and I hope final) update to Dark will feature some new boss monsters as well as another way to farm.  And I promise you... when you see it you will finally stop shallowly despising my greed and come to a grudging admiration of how massive it is.

  • @Raptisoft

    I expect to see the new update on "Dark". #sarcasm #whereismydarkjohn #westill<3you

  • rapisoftsgreed why do u say that?@.@ raptisoft work really hard to make and improve his games. You do not have any right to say such things
  • No doubt Raptisoft allowed for extra drops for a while, then suddenly took it away as a means to invoke our wrath!
  • Some people just don't take a step back and look at all the work that's been put into this series of games and he's just a troll because anyone whose invested 4yrs into a game wouldn't really comment like that.
  • Nah, don't pile on him guys... I do want to know people's concerns, I don't want people to not be able to say things for fear of a backlash.

    I think a lot of people got dependent upon this bug, but I am going to put a much better way to "farm" in the next update.  More fun than just walking around killing imps with frost jet too.
  • Funny thing is that this troll is mad because a bug was fixed. I mean... of the developer's job is to fix bugs in a program. What is wrong with actually doing the right thing? It is like complaining about a math teacher that he or she is teaching math. Next time, give us a reason that make sense.
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