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btw i know this is very long, im sorry haha i actually removed a lot from it believe it or not!!!

i have been playing this game for a bit more than 3 years, i think. it is one of the only reasons why i actually use my ipad haha (that, anime, and kik)

i really really like this game (as you can tell haha), but i don't like the fact that i have to use my ipad. i want be able to play it on my laptop. and also i would like to be able to have more flexibility and freedom in making and playing levels.

so, to put it simply, i want to make an open source clone of it. of course making a clone of this is easy, anyone can do it, but the hard part will be to emulate the bugs/glitches/features(?? haha) -- the reason why i like this game so much!!!

i am just wondering if anyone would be interested in this. because i can do things, but, umm, i can't really do things only for myself. i kinda have to know that someone else really wants it hahah if i have encouragement, i can really really work hard though!!

im planning on writing it in c with opengl (i know a bit of c++ but not very well. and i don't know any game engines at all but opengl is pretty easy so i'll use that. tho i know modern opengl, i think i'll just use classic cuz the speed difference is probably going to be very very tiny haha). if anyone knows these and want to help, i would be so happy!! i really really want to work with others on this. even if you don't know opengl but know c it shouldn't be an issue because i will make a small engine to wrap around it.

to raptisoft: i really really do not want to hurt your profits, or steal anything from your game (i will not redistribute any assets or anything from your game. everything that will be published will be my own code or assets or whatever). i just don't think that this will hurt you because nobody cares about open source platformers haha i just see this as a companion to your game (i will still play your version!!!), and not as some way to replace your game. if you have any issues with this, please let me know. i don't want us to become enemies or something because of this. also, thank you so much for making this game!!!! it is so good!!

so, in order to make people interested, here are somethings that will be possible with this: better level editor (since it's on a pc), custom tiles, debug mode (aka cheat haha), better online level sharing support (but i will need to find some way to host a server or something. if nothing works i could just hack something in php/mysql and then use 000webhost or similar, but that would be a bit slower), and also, you can change the game however you want, cuz it's open source!!

if you don't like the idea it's okay too. i just want to know if anyone's interested in it is all ^~^



  • I will say this much: Robot Wants Kitty does not make enough money that I would worry about anyone "stealing" its profits. :)

    However, take note: Robot Wants Kitty is actually owned by Hamumu Software (  I licensed it to make a port of it because I liked it very much.  It would be polite to make sure he's okay with the notion as well!  If he's okay with it, I'd be happy to give the source code (it works on PC too) so that the project can move forward.
  • oh! okay

    and ohhhh yes, sorry, i never thought of that, i just sent them an email! thank you for letting me know!!

    i will update this once i receive an email back from him.

    btw, i used the contact form, but i know that these don't work often haha do you know if it works, or whether i should have sent him an email instead??
  • I don't know-- but I expect his contact form works.

    Oh one thing I will need to note: If I give you the source, I will have to remove all the file-sharing component stuff, out of fear that someone will use the code to backwards engineer what's going on on my server and use that knowledge to wreak havok there.
  • ok so he sent me a reply, but, i think he got the wrong idea. i feel bad because i think i upset him accidentally, but i hope that it will get cleared up.

    oh, i totally understand, that's fine!!
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    okay, so, he's not okay with the idea of me making a direct port of it (like using the name) but he's okay if i change the name assets etc...!!
  • im not entirely surprised he didnt want you to make a clone with the same name and everything.. thats basically like asking an overprotective father if you can take his daughters virginity.. not gunna happen lol
  • hahaha yea you are right, i didn't think he would either tbh. i wasn't about to use the same name in any case because i didn't want the game to have the same name, but now it's official haha
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