RwK Beta 3 (Release candidate)

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Okay, here is RwK Beta 3... which is potentially a release candidate if things go well.  Just visit your google play store and wait for it to propagate.

Please let me know if this build fixes the bug where the keyboard lifts the whole screen up.

So I know a lot of people are upset about the bug fixes, and I've explained why I don't really have a choice elsewhere.  However, in this build I've added two new blocks that operate like the bugs:

o Slowfalling block (robot will fall slowly through this) to replace the "slow falling" glitch
o Permeable wall (robot will be interrupted moving through this, then can proceed slowly) to replace the "one way doors" glitch... also interrupts the rocket, but you CAN rocket OUT of this wall-- just not into it.

Also, levels that you prove can be won without losing a life will get a "1up" flair on the level list so that players know that this level can be won without any kind of fiddly death sequences or whatnot.  But to get the flair you have to test it and win it with one life.

Now, I will not put this into this release, but I am considering when I do an update, including Scripting, like with Hoggy.  Is there any interest in that?  I've seen people do absolutely wonderful stuff with the Hoggy scripting, so if scripting is something you'd like in RwK, let me know what you would expect to be able to do, besides the obvious removal and setting of blocks.


  • These additions sound fantastic. I'm going after the beta 3 right after this.

    Scripting would be amazing. I'm totally for that. That could make for some really cool RWK levels.
    Fantastic work as always.
  • The slow falling is really cool. There will be lots of cool things to do with that.

    I like the new green barrier too, but when rocketing into it we still hit it just like it's any wall. That also makes the wallstick of the old barriers not work.

    Would it be possible to use this exact graphic, but use the code for the old barriers? That would solve a lot of issue.
    Intended or not, that code was special.
  • Also, would it be hard to set all of the block to the "paint" mode? Some block, like bricks, the new slow block, etc. have a touch per block thing going on.
    It would definitely be easier on level creators to be able to cover an area more effeciently.
  • FOMB: Explain to me what wallstick was?  The bug that allowed one to go through the old walls was in the robot, not in the walls, so I can't fix it in one place but not someplace else (at least not easily).

    But if you can describe the behavior, I might be able to provide an analogue, if it's not too glitchy-looking.  If not in this release, then in the next one.
  • I also see you got rid of the shot panels remaining once they've been melted. It's another thing that adds a lot to the game.
    But since you don't like things that behave in ways unintended, could you add a standard brick that is visible but passable?
    Looks real but doesn't show up on the map?

    Finding secrets is always fun.
  • Yes, I can add that.  But in an update, because it's already Jan 17th, and if I can get the Boneyard update out by the end of January, I will "only" be a month behind (the main problem with adding new bricks at this point is that the brick screen is 100% full, which means now I have to convert it to a scrolling widget, which is just tremendous headache with my old codebase).
  • BTW, if the green permeable wall acted kinda like glue-- in that you'd "stick" at whatever height you are embedded in it, without falling (i.e. no gravity) would that simulate the wall-stick?
  • I’m not sure if you’ve addressed this but in the old rwk you couldn’t look at the map while testing a level you’re designing. It would be so helpful to be able to see a map in that instance.
  • sorry to say the keyboards still pushing up the game on my phone (LG Stylo 2 Plus Android 7.0)
  • That too is something I'll put on my update do-list, since I'm at a critical point here time-wise.  I'd have to add in a whole process to get to it, since there's no mechanism at all for that right now.
  • @war2K are you for sure on the newest version (has slow-falling blocks etc?).  After making that change from your link, my android no longer has the problem even randomly, so it must fix SOME of the issue, at least.

    Either way, I actually have a Stylo 2 here so sometime before the update I'll sit down and see if I can figure out what's what.

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    Yeah I have v1.0.2 dated 1-17-2018
    I think the only difference between the stylo 2 and stylo 2 plus are their screen sizes I think

    Edit: looked it up,LG Stylo 2 Plus/phones/9957,10179

    Same size screen some hardware spec dofferemces tho
  • @raptisoft
    Yeah, there really were two aspects to the barriers that were really usefull. One was rocketing into it and kind of sticking and slowly falling.

    The wallstick was when the robot was facing a barrier that descended a wall, rocketing into it would let him slide down against the wall and stick. He could stay there indefinitely without doing anything, almost as if the barrier was pushing him up against the wall.
    I know, wordy. Here's a little diagram: $ is the robot. <= barrier pushing left, [] standard block.

    $ <=
    [] <=
    [] <=
    [] <=

    So he could stay stuck at any one of the block (or inbetween) in mid-air. Jumping or rocketing again freed him.
    I know a dozen or so levels that used this and it adds a lot of options to the gameplay.

    Also, about the brick screen being full, this might be just as complicated as a scrolling widget, but what about grouping bricks and the groups open a smaller sub-menu.  Like lumping all four doors (red, green, blue, yellow) into one door icon. Same for keys, robot apps, melty/explosive bricks, monster, etc...
    Then it might be possible to have significantly fewer icons on the main screen (which would make adding things in the future easier too). You could have 12 primary icons: blocks, melt/exp, music, doors, keys, apps, monsters, speical doors (boss, haxxor, shot panel, bit coin), teleporter, delete apps, bariers, other (conveyor, bounce, slow field).
    That would reduce the initial tool screen from one page to a little over one line. Just an idea.

    Also, thanks for taking the time to communicate. I know you have to be enormously busy trying to get all of this and every other app done, I can't even imagine the workload. And I know everyone respects and appreciates the work you do. Taking the time to communicate is very meaningful to all of us I know. Thanks for everything.
    We all love your games. I'm sure you can tell how many people here are quite passionate about them.
  • No problem Fomb, I love all my users and I try to make them happy.  When there's conflict between my personal obsessive desire for order and a user's incomprehensible desire to have bugs in the game, I try to find a solution. ;)

    I still don't understand the wall stick though... do you maybe have a video of it?

    Sub-grouping the tiles would be a billion times worse than just scrolling it, because of how I set that stuff up (very simply!).  But I definitely see secret blocks as advantageous, so I'll make it scroll in the update (as long as RwK pulls in SOME revenue... obviously if it's a "dead game" I will concentrate on future things so I can get to writing the eventual semi-sequel which will have tremendous options and a non-obsolete code base).

    BTW, in the current google version, purchasing no ads should work for those that want it.  I am probably going to push one more beta today, just to test live ads and have one more go at that keyboard push up problem before release.
  • Can’t wait to play this game again
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    Ok, it took some hunting, but I did find a clip of the wallstick thing. The clip I found is actually the opposite example of the one I described. This one is jumping into a barrier against the wall from below. This one is a little trickier and the rocket from above is really easy, but the it's essentially the same effect.

    (somehow the link in the forum doesn't go to the timestamp. The time this happens is 2:43 )

    Have to thank @fnanfne for making all these vids. Always useful and cool.

    Oh, yeah, I also kind figure the sub-grouping might be a total overhaul sort of thing.
  • Hey... okay Fomb, now I see the wall-sticking.  I don't want to combine that with a permeable wall-- but I have a GREAT idea for a powerup + new wall type that will allow this same behavior without forcing the player know all the "insider information."

    So I'll schedule that for the update, since it'll require at least two more draw slots.  But now I see what it is you want, and I can see the gameplay value of it too, as long as there are cues for the player.
  • That sounds great!
    Looking forward to all of it.

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    Thanks for the shoutout @Fomb. It's as always great to know some of you appreciate them. I haven't been making videos for a while now as I'm mining crypto lol, I'll have to prioritise some time to as I have over 100 levels recorded and I'm running out of disk space!

    Check my videos on YouTube @Raptisoft, I record most of these cool levels utilising all the neat little bugs/glitches so you'll get a good idea. You can also check my first ever 'level' I submitted on the old RwK yesterday to see what I think is a new variant of the 'wall stick' trick.

    I have a suggestion with regards to all blocks that may or may not be easy to do... The ability to simply 'flip' the blocks vertically or horizontally. An example will see a level designer use one of the new blocks you introduced, the one that bounces the robot, on the top of the screen but flipping it 180 degrees horizontally. So when the robot then jumps upwards into this flipped bouncing block, it bounces down.
  • Here is a better video of what I think Fomb was on about with regards to the sticky wall.

    Check from around 21 minutes...
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