Since HB is old. Why don't you make it free in full version?

Just asking.


  • It's hard to create games without revenue, especially when they have graphics like HB, its only like 15$. There are videos on YT that show how to get the full version free, I don't recommend it. It's probably very illegal, plus it could contain the horrible viruses.
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    Heres another reason why its illegal,

    "This Copy Of Hamsterball (The "Software") Is Intended Solely For Your Personal Non-Commercial Home Entertainment Use. You May Not Decompile, Reverse Engineer, Or Disassemble The Software, Except As Permitted By Law. Raptisoft And Its Licensors Retain All Right, Title And Interest In The Software Including All Intellectual Property Rights Embodied Therein And Derivatives Thereof. The Software, Including, Without Limitation, All Code, Data Structures, Characters, Images, Sounds, Text, Screens, Game Play, Derivative Works And All Other Elements Of The Software May Not Be Copied, Resold, Rented, Leased, Distributed (Electronically Or Otherwise), Used On A Pay-Per-Play, Coin-Op Or Other For-Charge Basis, Or For Any Commercial Purpose. Any Permissions Granted Herein Are Provided On A Temporary Basis And Can Be Withdrawn By Raptisoft Games, Inc At Any Time. All Rights Not Expressly Granted Are Reserved."

  • Just because it's old doesn't mean he shouldn't get paid for the work he did
  • When I release HB2, I'll free-ify HB1.
  • Well u guys are right lol
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