solomon's boneyard new update

Hi all!
I have been trying the new update. Sadly we have to start all again but its still a nice work. One thing i do not understand, everytime you play new game you need to buy all perks again?


  • No-- first purchase of perks is expensive (but much less expensive than original game).  Subsequent purchases are very cheap.

    (This is to keep the game interesting... one of the major complaints about Boneyard was that once you had all the perks, there was nothing left to do with gold.  Meanwhile, all feedback on the Dark system was very positive.  So I switched Boneyard to be like Dark).
  • I see, does it happend the same with the other mage clases?
    And how does the potion to use more perks work?
  • Just select the potion and it'll open up more perk slots.  You can have up to five slots now (was originally four).
  • Just got the update last night.  I wish I'd copied down my highscores first though, they were lost with the update.  I don't mind all the one-time unlocks, but I'm not sure yet how I feel about having to pay gold for each use of a perk.  To be honest it feels like it's trying to persuade players to watch more ads in order to get the gold, but I'm willing to float it for a while and see how it goes once I've finished unlocking everything.  Perhaps there could be a one-time purchase to get rid of this too?  Or roll it into the "remove ads" purchase?

    I guess I just don't agree with the "nothing left to do" point of view.  What's left to do is to enjoy the game and try to get good scores - both of which are harder to do if you have to stop between every game to watch ads and earn gold in order to play with your perks.

    How is the new backpack supposed to work now?  I bought the new Fate and found a ring, but it's not available in my next game.  Maybe I'm overlooking a button somewhere to use it?  Or do I need to activate a Perk to gain access to my ring collection?

    I do like all the new content I've seen so far (exploding shields for instance) and it's great just to get an update on such an old favorite game that will keep it running in the newer ios versions.
  • You need to buy the scavenger. Once you have done that it will be in the oposite site of the shop, in the choose character screen. Just tap on it and you can get your rings
  • BTW, the Scavenger says this, but since nobody reads my meticulously researched and carefully edited dialog, the scavenger's prices are slightly random but DO go up if he has to lug around a lot of stuff.  So definitely unforge anything you don't want to keep.
  • @Raptisoft

    Come on, if people, like me, never read your meticulously researched and carefully edited dialog, how do I even ask questions about Merdalf and Claudicus? ;)
  • In SKHD there will be a quiz, @peppermaster.
  • The game is awesome, but personally I’m not a fan of the perks system in the new update. I wish it was the way it was before. It seems like it’s more of a cash grab now, I don’t like having to pay every time I want to play. Seems like a bait and switch, free to play evolving in to pay to play. Keeps generating income for the developer.
  • Are the perk potions supposed to stay at 500 gold per Potion?
    I like the new perk system, but I think the additional perk slots would be better working as Fates (meaning one-time buy), but then way more expensive (say about 10000 gold per slot, maximum of 5).
    This way it is not as expensive (after the initial buy) to change your perk selection (and therefore easier to experiment) if you want to have more than 2 active perks 
  • At the start its harder, but once u get some rings will be easier. There are rings that give you more gold, they work really nice with bosses
  • > I wish it was the way it was before. It seems like it’s more of a cash grab now,

    I had a great deal of complaints from people who bought everything, and then had no reason to even collect gold any more.  It LOOKS like a cash grab in this cynical era, but in fact I just correct a bad game mechanic. 

    If prices seem to expensive, I can look at that-- I did lower the initial prices tremendously (30-50%) to compensate for paying each time, but I didn't really get much feedback from the beta team on whether prices were too high or not.
  • I thought the price changes were good, was initially shocked at how low they went compared to the original prices. I wouldn't go any lower.
  • I have come with an idea about rings. There are many types of rings with diferent stats, sometimes is confusing when you look for a ring and you do not find it. So, my idea is: maybe all the rings of one same stat could be of one same form and then they could have a diferent shadow depending of their stat
    For example, all the bonus experience rings could be of one same shape. Then the 25% exp bonus could have blue shadow, 50% green shadow, 100% red shadow
    I hope i explained it good
  • I’m totally fine with the new perks system, except for the perk slot tonic. I’d prefer those to be permanent unlocks. Just to make things a little simpler and to allow me to save my gold for the more expensive perks each round. Other than that, the new system, the new update and the new things are all awesome!
  • Yeah perk slot purchases should be permanent, maybe we start with 3 and buying a 4th costs 5k and maybe the 5th slow 10k? That'd be cool.
  • Yeah, I miss the old ways to he honest.. cant complain, happy to be playing in android now, but was saddened to see everything go away the next round. I agree with maybe making it cheaper for perks? Or having some of them being permanent? Like master of offense? I miss that the most.
  • For myself I do not want to grind that much since more often than not I am playing this in a metro somewhere after work to relax. I would prefer the perk slots to be permanent since I just want to work my way up to buy everything but honestly I can see the other side of this too for those who are most likely really focused and have bought everything this can get boring without a goal. I say why not have a hard mode that after you buy everything in easy it unlocks hard mode. Hard mode would have a higher gold drop so they need gold à little less and can focus on fighting more with perk tonics instead of permanent slots. It adds a second layer, more playthrough and gives the option of a tough fight or a simple metro relaxing fight.
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