NO Gold???

I updated the new version and have enabled the "More Gold" perk, wearing a "Find 100% More Gold" ring and I'm fighting the third Unholy with thousands of imps and there is literally NO gold at all to be found once their bodies die and disappear. Not a single piece of gold. Is this a bug?

Please tell me this is a bug because otherwise I'm going to lose all faith in humanity. Thanks Raptisoft!


  • Unholy’s imps aren’t suppose to drop golds or items. So he fixed that bug and n recent patch.
  • Not even mana and health orbs....think I might have preferred the old version of the Unholy
  • Uh, thanks for comment Pepper but that is not actually the case.

    I've been playing SB for many years now and whether you want to call it a bug or not, the tradition of this game, and one of the reasons it is so popular and why I've unfailingly recommended it so so many of my friends, has always been that the third and following Unholy drops a ton of loot. That's why, ya know, we grind so hard and pay so much $$ initially in order to get Wazoo upleveled to the point where he can face the third Unholy successfully and finally reap the rewards of grinding so long and faithfully.

    I'm all in favor of Raptisoft getting a reasonable amount of financial remuneration for all his creativity and hard work. But there's a real and significant line between earning a living and exploiting users that must be kept in mind. It's fine if Raptisoft wants to rein it in a little bit in terms of the insane ratio of loot at the third Unholy level, but to issue a new update that wipes out a major and extremely popular feature of the game and makes the entire grinding process ultimately futile and unrewarding for dedicated players -- and then trying to pass it off with a kneejerk "We're just fixing a "bug" here" -- is not honest, it insults our intelligence and devalues our years of loyal participation in this community.

    I added this post because I am sincerely interested in the future of this game, as well as the other Solomon's versions. I've seen too many other games (Dungeon Boss just to name one of the more embarrassing examples) destroy themselves by radically changing gameplay in an effort to squeeze as many dollars out of players as possible, damn the consequences. I hope this is not the trajectory we're witnessing here with SB and a simple tweak to the code restoring some of the benefits of grinding to the third Unholy and beyond is all that's needed to restore my -- and many other players' -- faith in this game and to keep us as a loyal (and reasonably lucrative) fan base for decades to come.

    The alternative is to view the new regime of Solomon's games as cynical and manipulative attempts to cash-grab at the expense of genuine gaming and authentic community experience. That would be unspeakably tragic, and I hope it does not come to that because I, and many of my Solomon-loving friends, will not stick around to watch that unfold. Time will tell.
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    Look, unholy’s imp leaving a loot is a bug. Even Mr. Raptis said this recently. Farming in general was never intended in this game or keep from the first place. As a pure game deisgner’s perspective, unless you are making some jrpg or grinding-oriented game, farming in general is not a good thing. It forces players to do repetitive and unintended ways to get strong. Having many exploiting user is problematic also. It is basically saying this game is so buggy that exploiting is normal.

    I am not a big fan of money squeezing freemium mobile game but i know this simple bug fix is not inteneded for some greed. This bug fix is a sane thing for him to do.
  • Pepper, I understood -- and completely disagree with -- your first comment so there was no need for you to repeat it here at greater length. You can say the word "bug" all day long but it does not change the fact that this latest update -- if alllowed to remain in place and not fixed -- represents an obvious and undeniable greed-based breaking of the SB game play we have enjoyed lo these many years.

    The only "bug" that ever existed with the old imp-generating model is that it was so unconstrained that it literally overwhelmed the computational processing capability of the mobile device, rendering it unable to render the game and eventually crashing. The recent, undesirable and unpopular change to the loot-generating model is an entirely separate issue, because it represents an entirely new and profoundly different approach to game play that has existed for many years, not a simple "bug" fix. Let us not resort to Orwellian doublespeak here, let's just openly acknowledge the truth of the situation.

    Thank you again Pepper for your original comment, there is no need for you to respond to my comment in order to reassert your opinion on it. Have a wonderful day.
  • I agree with Dvorak, the incentive to keep playing for me is the booty I get for having survived to the 3rd unholy and beyond. Not getting any payoff for killing thousands of imps is still grinding but with no reward and not much fund. Not to mention if you forget the gold/rings not getting any orbs or quad damage drops probably makes my game a heck of a lot shorter.
    It's is putting me off updating the app to the "fixed" version
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    I am terribly sorry to respond to this late. I was very overwhelmed by those random and "wonderful" fancy words.

    To me, this looks like you are complaining about no loot for farming boss minions. As a game developer's perspective, if your game let players to farm loots from boss minions, you have done something wrong. Boss minions are never designed for some loot generating farm in any game. Calling this as a tradition of a Solomon's Boneyard is just simply ridiculous. You can demand Unholy should leave more loot when it dies or make the game to not make farming necessary. However, blaming a developer for being money-hungry for removing something that should not exist in a game is ludicrous. I feel like you guys just think boneyard as some "imp farm simulator" instead of a Solomon game. 

    I am very disgusted by people who just calls the developer a money-monger just for preventing people from exploiting some coding mistake done by developer. If you feel like there should be a reward for killing Unholy, then ask about giving more reward if you kill Unholy not complain about disabling minion farming. I am not annoyed about complaining, I am annoyed that you people are complaining the wrong thing.

    Look, I am sick and tired of people complaining about "why u disable imp farm" stuff. These farms aren't suppose to be a thing and yet these people are still complaining because of two reasons: 

    1. they got used to this stuff 
    2. The game sort of forces you to farm. 

    Can you please make SKHD in a way that not only just prevent people from farming, but also make player feel that they don't need to farm to defeat the highest level of the game? If you need idea for that, ask me cuz I've already got some good ones prepared.
  • Raptisoft, the fact that your players ~~ you know, the geese who lay your golden eggs -- are constantly complaining should give you pause. Perhaps the question you should be asking is: "Huh, did I perhaps not understand the emotional enjoyment that my players were deriving from this particular aspect of the game, even if it was not something I originally planned for?"

    Your argument about this being a bug falls completely flat because no one in the history of these forums has EVER complained about too much loot, have they?

    If you're going to wipe out one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of Solomon's Boneyard then you have to REPLACE IT with something equally enjoyable.

    Perhaps a guarantee of an epic ring for destroying the third Unholy.
    Perhaps unlocking a new perk or fate.
    Perhaps unlocking a new power or magic type.

    Failing that, this looks like a naked money grab of the kind that EA or another sketchy company would do, which is completely unlike you Raptisoft. We've come to expect the coolest game play and the most ethical behavior from you, which is why I'm hoping to hear you say you're replacing this latest update with something that makes it worth all of our while grinding for. Please tell us our faith in you is not misplaced, and I'll be your biggest supporter and will keep contributing my hard-earned money to the Raptisoft Retirement in Hawaii Fund.
  • @Dvorak: He's already said here that he'll soon put out a new version of boneyard with a 'farming' option that should be more fun than waiting for the unholy's imps to come die on you. 
  • We’ll see what actually gets implemented, whenever that happens since there is absolutely no detail available (other than a strong suggestion from Raptisoft that it is going to be microtransaction-driven) but for the gameplay now it needs to be reset.
  • No, no, heh, it's not going to be microtransaction driven, heh.  I just made my excellent greed speech to throw my character and motives further into the shadows.
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